Marjorie Taylor Greene ridicules and disguises Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as she talks about the challenges of her debate.


Republicans want blacks to disappear.Sports leagues can help stop them

From my personal experience, I know that protests can be expensive. But by uniting, the 1967 Cleveland Summit can stop those who destroy democratic Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Photo: Betman / Betman Archive Athletes, politicians, and even corporate Americans are talking about recent Republican-led legislation in Georgia. However, it was Major League Baseball that actually took direct action by moving the All-Star game from Georgia to Colorado on April 2 to write all the barbaric rattling, waving, and harsh letters. We oppose the voting rights and restrictions on ballot boxes of all Americans. Republican senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Mike Lee (three of Donald Trump’s most notorious sock puppets) have proposed a bill to lift the MLB antitrust exemption. Immediately tried to punish the league’s defense of democracy. It didn’t work. But their implicit threat to all professional sports leagues that might want to join the fight was imminent. After years of bullying athletes for their passive protests, most sports teams followed a large Black Lives Matter march of 15 to 26 million last summer. I “woke up”. It was a glorious phoenix-like rise in the sports league to a height of social morality. Today, we need that commitment more than ever. That’s because about 250 laws have been passed nationwide since the November elections to alienate black voters, even if black lives may not be an issue. All sports leagues that are supposed to embody America’s ideals of teamwork, fair play and equal arena have put players, fans and the Constitution in order to thwart this attempt to steal democracy. It’s time to join as one of the representative voices. In the past, sports leagues have been disjointed in their response to social justice, either by ignoring social justice or by enthusiastically supporting future general reforms. Nowadays, the NBA is leading a proactive and proactive response to combat inequality. Other leagues in major sports have also launched valuable campaigns. But the true power of change is to blame the restrictive laws of all the states that pass and make efforts to take concrete actions to boycott those states, even if it means some economic sacrifice. Even so, it only happens if everything is adjusted. Financial pressure has come not only from the millions of dollars lost in all-star games, but also from other groups that have been urged to take action by not hosting competitions, building headquarters, or taking vacations. , An effective means of persuasion. In Georgia. Ten days after the announcement of MLB, Hollywood star Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua have announced that they will move the movie “Liberation” from Georgia to Louisiana. Restrict voters’ access. Conscience is exactly what we need. Georgians I admire and admire, like Stacy Abrams (someday our president, I hope), naturally oppose boycotts and are the ones we are actually trying to help. Claims to hurt: minorities that rely on sporting events, the film industry, tourism for their income, etc. That’s true, but it does far more damage to all blacks in Georgia and other states. Yes, some people lose some income, but that’s not a small thing. But without this action, they, their families, their children, and blacks across the country would lose their political voice and power. Not only do such laws weaken their political influence, but they also tell the rest of the country, and the world, that it is okay to treat blacks as second-class citizens because they are legal. The longer we wait, discuss, and intimidate, the more Republican parliaments in other states will expand their racist campaigns. Sadly, they aren’t just promoting racism. They declared war against many marginalized groups. Senators Cruz and Holy, who threatened MLB’s move, recently joined four other Republicans when they voted against a bill to thwart anti-Asian American hate crimes. , Revealed the true agenda. Passed 92-6. Also, the Republican legislature targets LGBTQ + communities. In 2019, the state submitted 19 transgender opposition bills. In just four months to 2021, 33 states have submitted a record 117 transgender opposition bills. This year also sees a record number of bills limiting female reproductive autonomy, with 516 new abortion limits. Obviously, what happened in Georgia goes beyond Georgia. Republican flu infects other states with a full-scale attack on everyone who is not a straight white man. If they don’t rate you enough to give you full access to voting, why are they at the transportation stop (DaunteWright) in your own home (Breonna Taylor) grocery store (GeorgeFloyd)? Need to rate you? So, yeah, chasing Georgia with all the power we have at our disposal must be our top priority. Then you have to boycott all the futile states. Signal a greedy politician who overturns democracy to join in to enslave colored races. In 1968, I boycotted the Olympics. I didn’t think I could represent a country that actively oppressed black citizenship, beat opposition, imprisoned, and killed. I was partly inspired by attending the Cleveland Summit a year ago. Meanwhile, I and several other well-known athletes discussed the integrity of Muhammad Ali, who boycotts the draft as a conscientious objector. Ali’s decision threatened him with his heavyweight title, millions of dollars, and his imprisonment. He refused, even when the government offered him a deal that would restore it. The choice of ants, and to a much lesser extent my own choice, gave us nothing and cost us a lot. But when speaking, in taking direct action, we looked at national disparities and slowly moved the civil rights rocks a few feet down the mountain. On April 10th, more than 100 CEOs and corporate leaders, from airlines to retailers, manufacturers and one NFL owner, gathered online to take action against legislation in Georgia and other states that restrict voting. We talked about. Some of the remedies considered were to withhold political contributions to those who supported these bills. I didn’t make a decision. However, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell warned them to “keep away from politics.” Hope they remember when McConnell and his Republican acolytes plead for election donations. This is the same as telling an athlete who expresses a political opinion to “silently dribble.” These Republicans make it clear that when it comes to politics, blacks should stay silent, business leaders should stay silent, and athletes should stay silent. Only they have the right to speak. What about athletes is that they love challenges, love victory, and are not afraid to face any enemy. The discussion time is over. Now is the time to act. As the Marvel Universe gathered to take Thanos out, seeing all the major sports leagues gather to fight oppression is another who thought his twist would replace everyone else’s. It is a Dutch bag of megalomaniac. Republicans want the left-behind people to disappear with a single finger. Instead, we extinguish their hatred bills, extinguish their hatred rhetoric, and extinguish their hatred careers.

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