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Forget the backstage pass and VIP bracelet. The vaccination card is a new ticket.

At Fort Bragg, soldiers vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine can go to the gym, which does not require a mask. There are no restrictions on who can exercise together. Unlike the other 13 gym treadmills where unvaccinated troops can’t use the machine, the treadmills are up and running, everyone has to wear a mask, and the number of bench presses at one time is limited. there is. Inside the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, where people seeking the Corona virus vaccine meandered miles ago, there is a special seating area where fully vaccinated people can enjoy the game alongside other fans. When Bill Dagan reopens his legendary blues bar Madames Organ in Washington, DC, people will not be able to work, drink or play music unless they can prove that there was a shot. “I have the best saxophonist in the world. He said the other day,” Walter, I won’t be back here unless I’m vaccinated, so take a closer look. ” Sign up for The Morning Newsletter from The New York Times’ Evite and Paperless Post. The number of hosts requesting vaccination from guests has increased significantly. As the United States opposes the soft ceilings of people who are willing to take vaccines, governments, businesses and schools are expanding to make carrots (actually donuts, beer, cheesecake) last longer. In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine even said this week that as part of his weekly lottery program, he would give five vaccinated people $ 1 million each. On Thursday, federal health officials provided the ultimate incentive for many when they advised that fully vaccinated Americans might stop wearing masks. Today, private employers, restaurants and entertainment venues are looking for ways to make vaccinated people feel like VIPs, protect workers and guests, and perhaps seduce those who haven’t boarded yet. I will. In the summer, the country can become more and more bifurcated between those who are allowed to watch sports, classes, cut their hair and barbecue, and those who are left behind behind spiked protein curtains. There is sex. Access and privileges among vaccinated people may dominate in public and private spaces in the near future. “The bottom line is this interesting question about our conception of society,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and designer of the New York City Smoking Cessation and Tuberculosis Control Program. I will. Both included a power of attorney. “Are we connected in some important way?” Vaccine requirements for attending school and joining the military are not new concepts. However, the military refused to claim vaccination because the three COVID vaccines offered in the United States have not yet been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Public school districts cannot consider obligations until most children have access to the vaccine. This week, the FDA granted Pfizer an emergency use authorization for children aged 12 to 15 years. However, even without a mission, Nudge can feel pierced. The military has strongly encouraged vaccines among the military. Acceptance was low in some branches, such as the Marine Corps, with only 40% taking one or more shots. Fort Bragg, one of the country’s largest military installations and the first to provide the vaccine, has been thwarted by just under 70%. Podcasts designed to knock down false information (a common misconception that vaccines affect childbirth) are played around the base. In addition to Freedom Gym, vaccinated soldiers can eat in groups as they please, and unvaccinated soldiers stare as they grab the grab. Colonel Joseph Buccino, a spokesman for Fort Bragg, said with the soldiers that experts “speak, not talk to decliners.” Still, holdouts are a hindrance. Due to the recent mission to Europe, due to the quarantine regulations of that country, a small number of unvaccinated troops had to be replaced by shots. “All we have to do is regain our readiness,” Buccino said. Separating unvaccinated and restricting access to gyms and dining areas was not a particular measure aimed at getting soldiers vaccinated, he said. The private sector, sometimes with government encouragement, strives to make the lives of vaccinated people a little better, emphasizing privileges rather than infringement of the freedoms granted by the protection of vaccines. It’s the baseball season, and fans are eager to return to normal where the waves meant something other than the next surge of coronavirus. Major League Baseball has greatly promoted vaccination, the stadium has become a new border, and the vaccinated section has been highlighted as a VIP Skybox-like perk. In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee recently announced that he could increase the capacity of sports facilities and churches by adding a section for vaccination. Some companies, such as gyms and restaurants, where the coronavirus is known to spread easily, also employ a reward system. Many gyms have been reopened nationwide, but some do not allow large classes to be reopened. Others, like Solidcore in Washington, DC, tend to follow Jim’s lead in seeking proof of vaccination to enroll in a class listed as “Vaccine Needed: Whole Body.” “Our team is currently actively assessing where clients are likely to be in demand and may introduce it to other markets in the coming weeks,” said the CEO of a national fitness studio chain. One Brian Myers said in an email. According to one of the owners, Mark Alston, Salt Lake City’s restaurant, Bayeux, opens its doors only to those who take the shot. “It was fully driven by the fact that I work in Bayeux seven days a week,” he said. “I work in a comfortable office and don’t send staff to work in dangerous situations, but I work there with them.” The “vaxxed-only” policy flooded his voicemail with violent messages. I was allowed to. “In particular, he accuses him of running some kind of pedophile beer cult,” he said. “It’s a little free.” Even civilians are practicing in their homes. Since March 1, 2021, Evite spokespersons have received online invitations to events where 548,420 guests have used “complete vaccination” or other vaccination-related terms, with the exact term “complete vaccination”. “Done” invitation was sent to 103,507 people. A similar company, Paperless Post, created a specific invitation design with vaccination in mind. For vaccination, please check attendance only. Not everyone supports this kind of exclusion as a good public policy. Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, said: “In the United States, there is no standard way to prove vaccination status yet. In the United States, we hope to see low levels of infection by the fall, with very low levels of concern about the virus.” However, few people argue that it is legal. Lawrence O. Gostyn, a health law expert at Georgetown Law School, said: “Companies have a great financial incentive to create a safer environment for customers who hesitate to attend crowded events. Government recommendations for the vaccination-only section encourage companies. , Can help us get back to normal. ”With a few notable exceptions, large employers have ever obliged workers to vaccinate, especially in the tough labor market. I was reluctant to impose. “Our association came out in favor of masks,” said Emily Williams Knight, president of the Texas Restaurant Association. “We probably won’t take a position on an incredibly split mission.” But some companies are doing so. Norwegian Cruise Line threatens to keep ships away from Florida’s ports if the state supports legislation that bans businesses from demanding vaccines in exchange for services. In the United States, there are public health obligations, from smoking cessation to seatbelt wearing and containment of tuberculosis outbreaks by having tuberculosis patients take medication while observing. Frieden, CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, a program designed to prevent epidemics and cardiovascular disease, said: “It’s often true unless what you’re doing might kill someone else.” Frieden was a New York City Health Commissioner under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg 2003. In the year, he was a key official in promoting smoking cessation in bars and restaurants. Other senior aides at the time were convinced that the ban would cost Bloomberg a second phase. “When I was fighting for it, a city council member who opposed the ban said about the bar,” it’s my place of entertainment. ” And I said, “Well, that’s someone’s workplace.” There was an impact. Washington bar owner Dagan said it was important to protect his workers and patrons. “I don’t think we can sit and wait for all the unbelievers because we’re hitting the ceiling with the vaccine,” he said. “If we try to convince them, they will not be able to do what vaccinated people can do.” This article was originally published in The New York Times. © 2021 The New York Times Company