Marjorie Taylor Greene’s own words bother her

John Buzzmore / Pool / Getty

John Buzzmore / Pool / Getty

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was grilled under an oath on Friday as he tried to defend his position on ballots in the middle of the year.

Through Friday’s testimony, Green argued that he couldn’t remember much because he was asked about his involvement in the riots at the Capitol on January 6. Green’s position in the May 14 primary was challenged by Georgian voters.

“I don’t remember” are multiple questions about whether they spoke to government officials about preparing for a parliamentary attack, including refusal lawmakers Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ). It was Green’s answer to the question. Anyone in the White House.

However, Green could not avoid all past actions. After she first denied calling her Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a “traitor to our country,” the lawyer who asked her began to pull out exhibits that were inconsistent with her remarks. rice field. She then tried to trace her first denial, claiming that Pelosi’s support for her cross-border immigrants betrayed her oath of office.

“No, wait, wait now! I believe that not securing the border violates her oath of office,” Green said. The lawyer told Green that he did not ask about Pelosi’s commitment to the constitutional oath before citing CNN’s article, which included Green’s comment stating that Pelosi was “punished by death” and “treason.” I had to remind you.

“Did you say the quoted word?” The judge asked Green after repeated evasions.

“According to CNN’s article, I did,” Green said — before trying to turn her comment again.

Her past affinity for QAnon has also returned to bite her. Green tried to portray her lawyer, citing her past comments that she had “as many plots as QAnon.” He asked her: “Well, you believe in QAnon, right?”

“I-no, I didn’t say I believed in QAnon,” Greene insisted.

Greens Dariens with amnesia Not new. After turning his head to the White Supremacist’s First American Political Action Conference, Green sought to deny knowing who the white supremacist Nicholas was and what he supported. .. Her claim was abandoned almost immediately after a photo of the two posing together was posted on Twitter.

She is the second Republican to face the threat of disqualification. Rep. Madison Corthorn (R-NC) also challenged his position for his actions on January 6, but the judge dismissed it. If Green turns out to be ineligible for the May 14 primary, a notice will appear next to her name stating that votes for her will not be counted.

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