Mark Meadows’ colleague threatened a former White House aide before her testimony


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Former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson has been warned by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Associates not to cooperate with the January 6 House Selection Committee, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Received at least one message.

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The message in question was the second of two warnings that the Special Committee disclosed at the end of the special hearing about how Hutchinson testified. Donald Trump Sources have instructed a crowd who knew he was armed to march at the Capitol.

“”[A person] Please let me know that you have your testimony record tomorrow. He wants me to know that he is thinking of you. He knows you are loyal, and you will do the right thing when you go for your testimony record. ” According to sources, the editing was Meadows.

A message was presented in the closing remarks At a special hearing with Hutchinson Liz Cheney, Vice-Chairman of the Panel, characterized liability as improper pressure on key witnesses that could lead to tampering and intimidation of illegal witnesses.

The exact identity of the person who sent the message to Hutchinson could not be confirmed on Thursday beyond the fact that they were members of Meadows, but it may be that the Special Commission would like to interview that person. There may be a reason not to. ..

This shows that the person who sent the message was a close companion to the former White House Chief of Staff and actually witnessed what Trump and Meadows were thinking prior to the attack on the Capitol. It seems that.

Neither Meadows spokesman nor Hutchinson responded to requests for comment on Thursday night.

Other messages were also directed to Hutchinson, sources said. The quote displayed on the slide was one of several calls from Trump allies that Hutchinson told House investigators.

“What they told me is that as long as I remain a team player, they know I belong to the team. I’m doing the right thing. I need to protect I’m protecting someone. “I’ll continue to stay in the good grace of Trump World,” the slide read.

“And they remembered Trump reading the writing brush several times, and remember that when I proceeded with the testimony recording and the interview with the committee.”

The identities of the people who called Hutchinson, probably warned her Do not involve the former presidentIt is understood that the Special Committee is aware of all people, but could not be established beyond the fact that they were close to Trump.

Politico, who first reported that the message to Hutchinson came from a fellow Meadows, also reported that it came before her second interview with the Special Committee. Hutchinson changed her lawyer prior to the fourth testimony recording prior to her public testimony.