Mark Wahlberg says he spent 12 hours naked on a pier while filming his latest movie ‘Me Time’

Mark Wahlberg in a gray jacket in front of a yellow background

Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of ‘Me Time’ in Los Angeles on August 23, 2022.David Livingston/Getty Images

  • Mark Wahlberg says he spent 12 hours naked on a pier on the first day of filming Me Time.

  • Yahoo Entertainment spoke with Wahlberg and director John Hamburg about adding a last-minute nude scene.

  • Hamburg said the scene was shot five minutes after Wahlberg arrived on the first day of production.

Mark Wahlberg says he spent 12 hours “bare ass” on the first day of filming his new Netflix movie Me Time.

and Video interview with Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy Revealed Friday, the actor was told to undress for a half-day shoot on a pier in Long Beach, California.

“The day I first ate [to be] Naked butt,” said the actor. 12 hours. On the Long Beach pier. ”

Director and writer John Hamburg told the outlet that Wahlberg was signed to the project when it did not contain nudity. When asked to create a stronger introduction to one hack, Hamburg added a skinny dipping scene.

Hamburg said Wahlberg was “a little intimidated” but eventually agreed. However, the scene had to be shot on the first day of production as it was added at the last minute.

“I said, ‘Mark, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you’re going to this lovely marina. The bad news, you literally have to get naked five minutes after joining the set. ‘ said the director. “We promised him we were filming from behind. This wasn’t ‘Boogie Nights.’ And he was awesome. He was a great sport.”

Kevin Hart in a red suit, Regina Hall in a yellow dress, John Hamberg in a black suit, and Mark Wahlberg in a gray jacket and jeans.

Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, John Hamburg and Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of ‘Me Time’ on August 23, 2022.Mark Von Holden/Variety via Getty Images

In “Me Time,” which was released on Netflix on Friday, Hart’s character Sonny tapped into his adventurous side with his best friend Huck, played by Wahlberg, while his wife Maya, played by Regina Hall, played with the kids. away.

Hamburg told Yahoo that he likes that Wahlberg’s brand of comedy is very different from Hart’s, adding that he likes working with actors who have contrasting styles. also noted to the publication that after seeing Wahlberg’s body of work, he thought he was the only one for the job.

“He’s a man. No other choice, no other choice. We wanted Mark, and Mark said yes. We were thrilled,” Hart said.

Mark Wahlberg in

Mark Wahlberg starred as Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler in the 1997 film Boogie Nights.Michael Ochs Archives/Handouts

Hamburg revealed that Wahlberg wasn’t filming the 1997 film Boogie Nights, which includes several nude scenes, but the actor appears to still be reminiscing about his experience. The actor said on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: he still has a big artificial penis He wore it in the movie, but he keeps it out of sight lest the kids discover it.

“It’s in a safe and it’s locked. It’s not something I can leave alone,” Wahlberg told DeGeneres, adding, “Suddenly my kids were looking for a spare phone charger. Good face do it.”

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