Markowski defeats pro-Trump challenger in Alaska Senate race

Senator Lisa Markowski (R-Alaska) is expected to win re-election to the US Senate, defeating fellow Republican Kelly Tzibaka.

The Associated Press called the race just after 8 p.m.

markowski won the state’s new rank-selection vote According to AP, the system fell out of favor after neither she nor Chibaka received a majority of first-choice votes. In the second round, the incumbent won with her 53.7% share of the vote and Tshibaka’s 46.3%.

Markowski, who has been in the Senate since 2002, drew the ire of former President Trump after he was found guilty in the second impeachment trial.

playing cards After that, support Tsuchibaka and High-profile effort to expel incumbentswho he called ‘Worse than Democrats’

It took several weeks for the results of the race to be announced due to Alaska’s newly introduced rank-selection voting system, in which voters rank candidates by their preference.

Under the new system, a candidate wins outright in the first round of voting if the candidate receives 50% or more of the votes. If no candidate meets that threshold, a second ballot is held, the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated, and the votes of those who voted for the eliminated candidate become the voter’s next candidate for seat. redistributed to

This process continues until one candidate breaks 50% of the votes.

The new system allowed both Murkowski and Tshibaka to participate in the midterm ballot, despite both being Republican candidates.

The other candidate in the ring was Democrat Pat Chesbro. The fourth candidate, Republican Baz Kelly, interrupted his campaign Support Chibaka.

8:38pm update

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