Marlboro maker Philip Morris may stop selling tobacco in the UK


Women smoking

Women smoking

Tobacco giant Philip Morris said tobacco sales in the UK could be stopped in 10 years.

This move means that the company’s flagship Marlboro brand will disappear from British shops.

That comment will come two years later The government said it wanted to quit smoking In the UK by 2030.

The company also said in a statement that “strong regulation” is needed to “help solve the tobacco smoking problem completely.”

In the first comment reported in the Sunday emailPhilip Morris International (PMI) CEO Yazek Olzak told the newspaper:

“In the UK, I think we can completely solve the smoking problem in up to 10 years from now,” he added.

However, the company has issued a similar statement earlier, said a campaign for smoking and health philanthropy (Ash).

“Philip Morris has claimed to see the end of smoking for years, but takes such claims seriously from companies that sell more than one in ten cigarettes smoked worldwide. What should I do? “

She emphasized that quitting smoking by 2030 should be a government priority.

“Smoking is likely to have killed more people than Covid-19 in the UK last year,” she added.

“The details from Philip Morris are not the solution. We need funding to discourage smoking in government-sponsored behavior change campaigns and help smokers quit smoking.”



In 2016, Orzac’s predecessor, Andre Calanzapros, told the BBC: The company was able to stop making traditional tobacco..

And in 2018 In another BBC interview, Karanzapros said Philip Morris wants to phase out tobacco as soon as possible.

Following Olzac’s latest statement, Dr. Moira Gilchrist, vice president of strategic and scientific communications for the company, told the BBC:

‚ÄúSmoking cessation is the best option, but for those who don’t, science and technology have allowed companies like us to create better alternatives to continuous smoking.

She added that encouraging people to switch to alternatives, along with strong regulations, would help solve the “one-time” smoking problem.

“If appropriate measures are taken, PMI can stop selling cigarettes in the UK after 10 years.”