Marriage of teacher and student leads to dismissal of prosecution

February 1-The accusation against a former Circoxy High School teacher who alleged sexual contact with a student was dismissed due to its implications for subsequent marriage and prosecution of the case.

Bailey A. Turner, 26, was charged with having sexual contact with one of the boys in February 2019 after an investigation by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

Turner was in the middle of her first year teaching English at Circoxy High School when she had sexual intercourse with a student during the week of January 14-21, 2019, and she resigned. She taught at a district junior high school for two years before getting a job in high school.

The Circoxy Board of Education then resolved to petition the state to revoke her education license.

Nate Dally, an assistant prosecutor in the case, told Globe that the charges against her had been dismissed given that the defendant had married the student in question. Darry can no longer force her ex-student to testify to her because the privileges of the couple or spouse are currently applied, and it is very difficult to prove the state proceedings in court. Said.

Dally said Turner had abandoned his state education license. This was the main concern of the public prosecutor’s office in this case.

The probable cause affidavit filed in the case did not provide the student’s age. State law prohibits sexual contact with students by elected or appointed school district employees, volunteers or civil servants, regardless of whether the student is a minor or of consensual sex age.

Turner is one of six young educators living in southwestern Missouri and has been accused of having sexual relations with students in recent years. He was also charged with school teachers or student teachers in Joplin, Web City, Monette, Diamond, and McDonald County.