Marshal of the state impressed by the artistry of Polish Shen Yun

Torun, Poland – On January 21st, I attended a night performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts at the CKK Jordanki Concert Hall in Torun. Piotr CalbeckiMarshal of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province, the province where the city hosting Shen Yun is located.

“It’s great to see this rich culture, in fact the oldest in the world, 5000 years old, in a new arrangement,” said Marshall Karbecki.

He said Shen Yun The dance was great. “History of simple people China This has been going on for thousands of years and centuries. Great wealth spoken by naive people. It’s a pity that these images are not displayed in China. “

In China, the communist government has treated traditional culture as a threat to its power for over 70 years, but it still does not let the Newyork-based company Shen Yun act. Website..

Marshal said he wanted it Shen YunThe efforts and determinations shown around the world “will bring China back to normal.”

“We keep crossing our fingers for this.”

Structural engineer Rosa Guspiel, who attended the performance with Marshal Calveki, said she was impressed with the colors, timbres and dances.

“I pay tribute,” Guspiel said. “I’m happy to be with you [Shen Yun] Today and praise [the performance]”.

Marshall Calbecki loved the dynamics and simple form. performance.. “Simple forms … are rich in content and reach everyone directly.”

Hello praised the sync Movement It was late but again dynamic At the same time it is rapid.

“To convey what we saw on stage today, we need a really great artist,” says Marshall Karbecki.

“I am very impressed with the respect for people, the respect for nature, and first and foremost the respect for good,” Guspiel said of her feelings when she saw Shen Yun. “We believe that good wins.”

Engineers and doctors enjoy the “spiritual depth” of Shen Yun

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Jacek Paweł Godlewski and Aneta Adamiak-Godlewska performed in Shen Yun Art Matinee on January 21, 2022 in Torun, Poland. (HaiyingWang / Epoch Times)

Jacek Paweł Godlewski bought a Shen Yun ticket for his wife as a birthday present.

The couple traveled to see Shen Yun He said it would normally take four hours from another city where they live, but it took six hours to get to Trun because it was snowing the day before the show.

“My wife is a doctor and I’m an engineer, so I’m busy every day, but the time I spent here opened us up to the spirit that shaped Chinese culture,” attended Matinee on January 21st. Said Godrevsky. Shen Yun and his wife Aneta Adamiac Godrevska.

Not only did I talk about the artist himself, but … our interaction with what was happening on stage was extraordinary.

— Jacek Pawel Godlewski

“It also shows how much power there is and how much power it has. [Chinese] We still have to do to revive this power. “Mr. Godrevsky continued. “Dance also allows humans to express themselves, which frees those who live somewhere. I’m not just talking about the artist himself, but … the stage. Our interaction with what is happening in is extraordinary.

“For example, the art form that conveys the message doesn’t occupy me enough to immerse me in it. But today it was a really immersive situation. This monotonous mass of colors in the world-this is That’s great, “he said.

The couple enjoyed the music of Shen Yun, especially the sound of a Chinese instrument called the erhu. According to Shen Yun, there are only two strings, but they can convey a wide range of emotions. Website..

“”[It was] It ’s very exceptional and unique, ”says Mrs. Adamiac Godrevska. Erhu..

“The fact that someone fell in love with this instrument … like this woman [who played erhu], [the fact that] Someone chose it from the pool of instruments and tried to convey their emotions. This is also the birth and the expression of what is in humans, “Godrevsky explained.

“You need to settle into this culture first. You have to take it out of the way, find these roots, and then pass it on to this instrument. I think it’s a great hit,” he said.

by Shen Yun On the website, artists of the past have sought inspiration from God, believing that good must first be nurtured in order to produce uplifting art.Today, Shen Yun Artist Follow this noble tradition.

“I think that’s all that happened on stage. I think that kind of spiritual depth has passed. [to us] Regardless of what we really believe in, it was special, really special [performance]”Mrs. Adamiac Godolveska said.

“For him, such values ​​that are deeply embedded in humans, or generally humans, are always rooted in or born of larger things,” Godrevsky explained. did.

In his opinion, he says, “it is to discover what is really universal truth”, or the truth that always protects itself regardless of the philosophy or religion that follows the people on stage. I did.

According to Godrevsky, this universal truth is superior to this earthly truth because it also applies to certain universes.

Godrevsky saw the Shen Yun as a celebration to share with the audience.

“What I saw here is also a kind of celebration. [The artists] Guided us through emotions, which gave me a lot of joy, they also shared their joy. And that’s great. “

Activists appreciate the resurrection of Chinese sacred culture

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Jadwiga Chmielowska at Shen Yun Performing Arts in Deutsche Oper, Berlin, Germany, March 17, 2019. (NTD)

Journalist and social and political activist Jadwiga Chmielowska was also among the audience watching Shen Yun again on the night of January 21st.

Since she lives in another city, she took the train early in the morning of the performance and arrived in Torun in 6 hours.

The main message to Chmielowska for her in the future performance It was that one must be guided by God’s love in life on earth and one must live true and be honest.

Chmielowska, who was also an anti-communist activist in the 1970s and 1980s, said: Forced organ removal From prisoners as a form of persecution of various religious groups and ethnic minorities occurring in communist China.

She said she heard prominent officials say that the Communist Party’s tyranny in China is inevitable because it is rooted in Chinese tradition and culture. “”[Shen Yun] Shows that it is not true that there is a magnificent culture of liberty for over 5,000 years and that it is submissive to the Creator, “says Chmielowska.

“It is very important to show the general public who come to see these performances that China has thousands of years of history with beautiful traditions, beautiful culture and a love for Creator and life. According to the message of the Creator. So I think [Shen Yun] It worked very well, “she said.

Chmielowska saw Shen Yun She said she was very happy when she learned that an art company would perform in Poland this year in Berlin, Germany, two years ago.

“It was worth it,” Chmielowska concludes.

Report by Yiyuan Zhou, Haiying Wang, Agnieszka Iwaszkiewicz, Ella Kietlinska

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