Marshall resigns as leader of the Liberal Party of South Australia after defeat

South Australia (SA) Prime Minister Steven Marshall will resign as leader of the Liberal Party following a victory in the Labor Party elections on Saturday.

Marshall said in a social media post on Sunday that it was time for someone else to grab the reins and lead the team into the future.

“I will resign as a leader as soon as the party room can meet to elect my successor,” he said.

“Thanks to all my past and present colleagues for their support over the last nine years. We will do everything we can to support the success of our new liberal leader.”

This is after the prime minister-nominated Peter Marinauskas and his Labor Party won 40.4% of the primary in Saturday’s election, 28 seats in the 47-seat parliament, compared to 34.6% of the Liberal Party. That is.

In his victorious speech on Saturday night, Marinauscus referred to the phone he had just received from Marshall and called the outing premiere a class act.

“Stephen Marshall’s call was very generous, graceful and made in a class we were incredibly familiar with,” he said.

“Steven Marshall has been the leader of the Liberal Party in South Australia for nine years, including four years as Prime Minister, which is a very important contribution to his party and our state, and we give him appreciate.”

Marshall said in his post that it was a great privilege to serve as the state’s 46th Prime Minister and thanked the people of South Australia and his party for giving them an opportunity.

He also said he was proud of his government’s achievements.

“We have abolished payroll taxes for small businesses and reduced household costs such as electricity and water,” Marshall said.

“We have reopened Repat as a health district and moved 7th grade to high school,” he added, adding that his government has opened up new opportunities for exciting industries, so young South Australians are elsewhere. You don’t have to go to. An exciting career.

Marshall also mentioned establishing the Australian Space Agency headquarters in Adelaide to unlock the state’s reservoirs and national parks, making the state more attractive to both residents and tourists.

“We face the most extraordinary times when we were able to keep people in South Australia safe through natural disasters and pandemics, and with less restrictions than most other parts of the world. I did, “he said.

“I am disappointed with the election results, but I take full responsibility for the results and accept the will of the people.”

Victorian liberal MP Michael O’Brien celebrated Marshall’s service to SA and the legacy left by him and his team.

“Enjoy your rest, knowing that you served with honor, energy and courage during the most difficult times,” he said.

Marshall said he looks forward to continuing to serve the Danstan voters who have been members of parliament for eight years.

Steve Milne


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