Maru, an opposition to Brexit activist running around Congress after loudspeakers were confiscated under the new law


Opposition to Brexit protesters said on Wednesday that he might “get a rickshaw” and “make Congress a little capricious” after police told him not to blow up the amp near the building. Said.

Steve Bray, a regular Westminster protester known as “Stop Brexit Man,” sent another amp to police on Tuesday, hours after the new law of police, crime, judgment and court (PCSC) law came into force. I was confiscated.

New law Expand “controlled area” Around Congress, it means that amplified noise equipment is banned in a wider area than before.

Other parts of the law, originally designed to cover guerrilla protests by groups such as Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion, are controversial to limit noisy and destructive protests. Gave new authority to the police.

The Metropolitan Police raided Westminster’s Bray around 1 pm on Tuesday and told him that his amp would be confiscated if he continued to use them in the area. After Bray “continued as usual,” they later took the equipment.

Bray and a small group of protesters moved elsewhere with more amps on Wednesday. However, they were told by officers that the new location is still part of the designated area where amplifiers are banned and their new equipment will be confiscated if they continue.

Bray was seen playing the 1975 Bay City Rollers song “Bye Bye Baby” on Wednesday with the lyrics “Bye Bye Boris” pointing to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Epoch Times Photo
A dateless photo showing Steve Bray outside the Capitol in Westminster, London. (Yui Mok / PA Media)

In a statement on Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police Department said:

“He has spoken to officers many times in connection with certain laws regarding the use of amplifiers. If he sticks, it will be confiscated.”

The statement added: “He was also reported about the crime. (This means he is subject to criminal prosecution).

“Get a rickshaw”

Talking to PA news agencies after the incident on Tuesday, Bray named the PCSC law “a fascist law that rushed through Congress and deprived us of the right to protest.”

“They want the protesters to join hands and stand there, but the protests are all about sound and vision. Without it, you’re not a protest, but you want a dissenting opinion. No, they don’t like me, “Brexit and anti-Tory protesters said.

According to Mr. Bray, police said he had been “summoned” and “must go to court” and that the equipment was “held as evidence.”

“I’m going to choose a jury trial, and let’s hope it’s the rest of the twelve,” he said, with the jury making their decisions based on their views on Brexit. Alluds to.

He also said he ordered more amps on Wednesday morning.

“We’re probably linking four amps next week, not this week. It’s twice as loud here to make up for the move to the corner,” he told PA news agency. “In fact, I’m going to wire eight together.”

Epoch Times Photo
Anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray will be seen outside London’s Capitol on April 8, 2019. (Gonzalo Fentes / Reuters)

After being told that the new spot is still part of the designated area, Bray said: Get a rickshaw and it will be a little capricious. “

Donations to Bray’s fundraising page reached £ 120,600 ($ 146,200). Over 6,000 posts have been posted in the 99 weeks since the page was created.

Controlled area

Officers said Bray’s equipment had been confiscated below. Section 145 The 2011 Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act empowered police to seize prohibited items in the “controlled areas” around Parliament.

On Tuesday, when the relative provisions of the PCSC Act came into force, the “controlled area” where amplifiers and tents were banned was expanded.

Annotations of the new law (pdfThe expansion was said to have taken place after the Joint Commission on Human Rights recommended further legislation to protect access to the Parliament in its 2019 report ().pdf) About the increase in the threat level to members of the Diet.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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