Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly asks Trudeau to sit with a tracker

Actress Evangeline Lilly, who has appeared in several Marvel movies, talks to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a truck driver-led protester who has spent weeks demonstrating against COVID-19’s obligations and rules. I called.

and Video posted onlineCanadian Lily, said Trudeau is responsible for listening to people who “do not agree”.

“I don’t mind treating them with prejudice, suspicion, and illegal crackdowns,” she said in a video. “It is not terrorism to protest anything that is deeply and deeply involved in you in our society. It is the duty of all Canadian citizens.”

At the beginning of February, Trudeau was involved in the national emergency law and gave him radical authority, including freezing the bank accounts of dozens of individuals involved in the opposition. Critics of the movement said such actions on behalf of the government were more like dictatorship than liberal democracy.

Meanwhile, the majority of Canada’s prime ministers have expressed opposition to the decision following the government’s decision to enact an emergency law.

Lily said: The monumental decision they are making for their people. “

Earlier, Lily was seen last month participating in a large Washington demonstration against COVID-19’s obligations and rules.

“To everyone who listens, to everyone,” Lily added. “People who disagree with their obligations and those who agree with them. If you think the people on the other side of this division are your enemies, take the time to get to know them. And we are all scared and painful human beings, most of us building the brightest future for the next generation, the happiest, most fulfilling and most fulfilling today. Remember that we are doing our best to be peaceful and healthy. “

In Ottawa, where many protesters continued to demonstrate, police arrested more than 170 people. Officials said 22 license plates were confiscated and 53 vehicles were towed. The video was displayed Police officers with rifles trained in demonstrators’ vehicles Break their windows..

Tamara Rich, one of the organizers of Freedom Convoy, was arrested on suspicion of counseling for mischief. Another organizer, Chris Barber, was arrested last week before being released with a $ 100,000 deposit.

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