Mary Simon will be appointed governor-general 30


Mary Simon turns to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a presentation at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Kenya, on July 6, 2021. (Canada Press / Sean Kilpatrick)

Ottawa-Mary Simon will be appointed as the new governor of the country later this morning and will be the first indigenous people to play that role.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nominated Inuit leader and former Canadian diplomat Simon to represent the Monarchy of Canada earlier this month, replacing Julie Payette, who resigned in January.

Trudeau is one of the few people allowed to witness the ceremony in person because public health guidelines set restrictions on attendance and mask requirements for those who are there.

Simon is greeted by the First Nations drum circle in the Senate building and accompanied by a traditional Inuit drummer on his way into the Senate room.

Inside the room, the traditional Inuit oil lamps remain lit during the ceremony.

Simon’s first speech as governor is to touch on the themes of reconciliation and youth.