Mary Trump says former president “accused” Ivanka for perjury after a hearing on January 6th


Donald TrumpNiece Mary L. Trump In an interview on Sunday, the former president said he had “accused” his daughter Ivanka of “perjury” after testifying at a hearing on January 6.

Ivanka Trump said she had accepted the former prosecutor in an excerpt of a videotape of her testimony aired at a hearing of the House Commission investigating the riots last Thursday. Bill burrAs her dad insisted, the determination that the presidential election was not fraudulent.

“I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying,” she said.

Donald Trump replied to social media that his daughter was “checked out” and didn’t know the details of the election at all, “just trying to respect Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General.”

Mary Trump told MSNBC that she regarded her former president’s comments as “accusing” her daughter for “perjury.” She specifically mentioned Trump and said his daughter “checked out.” However, the former president also suggested that Ivanka had said that he had done only to “respect the bar,” indicating that she did not necessarily believe in him.

Otherwise, the behavior of the father and daughter was “as I expected from both of them,” said Mary Trump.

“I think Ivanka walked a very thin line,” she explained. “She didn’t necessarily say anything instigating, but she decided that, as we think, she needs to come to the side of what the facts support.”

As for Donald Trump, he “did not Overall Throw her under the bus, “said his niece.

Mary Trump predicted that their future connection would depend on whether they could still benefit from each other.

“Their relationships are completely transactional, whether they look intimate or not,” she explained. “Once we come to the conclusion that one or both contain nothing for them, we move on.”

Psychologist Trump “understands” that her uncle lost the 2020 presidential election, but believes she can never be a “loser.”

He said, “I can’t go there.” To him she is “totally unacceptable to be a loser.”

“One of the reasons people find” big lie “so compelling on this late date is that Donald has come to believe it to the extent that it sounds real,” Trump said. explained.

She said her uncle was “not surprised at all” Supports “hang” calls Former Vice President Mike penceVice-Chairman of the House Panel, as stated at the January 6 hearing. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming).

Check out the full interview in the video clip above.

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