Maryland Judge Kills Herself Before Being Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse


A Maryland judge committed suicide on Friday morning, just as the federal government appeared at Henderson’s home and arrested him for child sexual abuse.

Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, of the Caroline County Circuit Court, has been on leave since July after being involved in an investigation into allegations that she had a hidden camera in her bathroom that took a naked image of a boy. rice field. When FBI agents appeared at his door to arrest him on a federal criminal accusation Friday morning, they discovered he was “suffering from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Maryland said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on Friday.He was sentenced to die at 6:43 am

“Maryland police will lead an apparent suicide investigation,” the prosecutor said. news release Friday afternoon.

On Friday, Newell’s neighbor, Kimberly Keith, Post a photo on Facebook It seemed to indicate that an FBI agent stationed outside the judge’s house was requesting a speaker for him to come out. She heard the sound of what she believed was a gunshot and immediately wrote that the ambulance followed.

According to prosecutors, Newell was detained on federal charges of sexual exploitation of children, resulting in suicide. He has been absent from court work since police first attacked his home on July 24, extending his vacation until later this month. Baltimore Sun report..

In July, a Maryland police investigator answered a call about a minor who found a video camera in the bathroom of Newell’s cabin in Fishing Creek, Maryland, according to a copy of the criminal charges opened on Friday. bottom.

Investigators interviewed two boys (both minors) who said they “spent the night” to Newell, who allegedly discovered a hidden camera, on July 22.

One of the boys told investigators that after undressing in the bathroom, he found a camera facing the shower in a small black crate on a shelf in the corner of the bathroom.

After talking to another boy about the camera he found, the two boys boarded Newell’s boat and told their parents about the bathroom camera, the document said. The parents then contacted law enforcement agencies.

The boy who discovered the camera also said another adult man and four boys stayed overnight in the cabin and left early that morning.

When faced with law enforcement, Newell denied putting the camera in the bathroom or noticing the presence of the camera, saying, “As I said, there were six others here.” rice field.

While being interviewed by an investigator, Newell allegedly chewed and swallowed the camera’s memory card after asking him to charge his cell phone, reaching under the bed and bringing something to his fist. It is said to have been put in the mouth. According to complaints, CT scans later showed that he had ingested a foreign body, perhaps a metal object.

During the investigation, authorities interviewed seven other teenagers born between 2002 and 2007 about their relationship with Newell. According to the complaint, most teens have known Newell for years since elementary school, telling investigators. Teens explained that they were taking a shower in Newell’s house or cabin, and complaints said that almost everyone “while in the bathroom, Newell checked his body for ticks. “.

“At least two men said they were naked when Newel checked for ticks. One said that Newel had moved his genitals to look for ticks, and the other said that Newel had moved his genitals. He said he didn’t remember at first whether he touched his genitals, but later said: “Newell swung a minor’s genitals one or two times to look for ticks.” Said the complaint.

Authorities have executed a state search warrant for his trucks, boats and offices that found and seized Newell’s hut, his home in Henderson, Maryland, and various digital devices, the complaint said.

According to the title of some videos, authorities found a hard drive during the search, including multiple videos of a young man taking a shower, believed to date back to September 2014. Newell is also captured in some footage where the camera is placed. According to complaints, Newell can also be seen in one video touching the naked body of a young man and spreading his ass.

according to SunBefore his Facebook page was deactivated after the police attack, a series of posts about the boy’s coaching included photos of campaign trails, hunting lodges, and wrestling matches.

NS Sun In a March 2020 post, Newell said he had talked with his 13-year-old neighbor during a pandemic and his belief that the boy “especially needs physical contact.”

“Usually to cheer him up, I might have teased him, tapped his shoulders, messed up his sweaty hair, tapped his ass a bit and sent him in the middle,” Newell wrote. I have. Sun.. “I think boys especially need physical contact. Picking, poking, picking. It’s part of the way to communicate and show affection to each other, even if it sometimes leads to fights.”

In 2016, Republican Newell was appointed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan as the only circuit court judge in Caroline County. He played that role in 2018 and served a 15-year term before taking his life.

If you or your loved one is suffering from suicidal ideation, contact National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK (8255)) or send a text to TALK at 741741 to contact Crisis TextLine. Please give me.

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