Maryland man shot deadly 4 before committing suicide

Police also shot and killed three men at a convenience store in Maryland, and a man accused of killing two after shooting his parents and setting fire to his apartment.

Baltimore County police said in a statement that 27-year-old Joshua Green was identified as a suspected deadly shooting at Essex’s Royal Farm store.

Police also believe that Green shot and killed his parents, who were found dead in their homes in an unincorporated area of ​​the county called Baldwin.

According to a statement, the detective said Green had left the convenience store and set fire to his apartment. He was later found dead with what appeared to be a self-harm gunshot wound. It was unknown when his parents died, but police said both seemed to have been shot.

Neighbor Daniel Brenaman, 73, who lives two doors below the house where the body was found, said he noticed a police car and saw a photographer in front of the house while walking his dog on Sunday night. ..

“I thought it was a car accident just around the corner when the storm blew here,” he said. “I haven’t heard anything.”

Brennaman said he greeted and talked with a couple living in Manor Road’s house, but didn’t remember his name and didn’t even know it personally.

“I sometimes wave to him. He always works in his yard,” he said.

According to online property records, the house where police found the bodies of their parents is owned by Olivia D. Green and Douglas J. Green.

Royal Farms spokesman Breahna Brown said the company did not immediately comment on the shootings at the store.

The condition of the person injured at the convenience store was not revealed. Police said the person was recovering at a local hospital.

Police said the detective believed that all three shootings were involved and was not looking for additional suspects.

More information was scheduled to be released at a press conference on Monday morning.


Kunzelman reported from College Park, Maryland.

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