Maryland police kill man in “armed standoffs” at McDonald’s

Gaithersburg, Maryland (AP) — Maryland police officers fatally shot a 21-year-old boy outside a McDonald’s restaurant after an “armed stand-off,” Montgomery County police said Saturday news Said in the release.

The shooting said police ordered food on Friday night but answered a phone call about a customer who refused to pass McDonald’s drive-through lane in Gaesersberg, about 30 miles (48 km) from Washington. It was done later.

According to police, a backup was called when police officers found a pistol in the passenger seat of a man’s car. Additional police secured the area and evacuated McDonald’s staff.

According to police, an “armed standoff” occurred, during which police officers attempted to negotiate with the driver for about 30 minutes.

“Due to the situation still under investigation, police officers fired weapons and drivers were shot dead.” news release Said.

According to police, police officers provided assistance to the driver until he was taken to the hospital and declared dead there.

The officers involved are on standard leave.

The department did not publish a video of the incident, did not identify the parties involved, and did not provide the race of the parties involved.

Marcus Jones, Montgomery County Police Chief, scheduled a press conference on Monday to discuss shooting.

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