Maskless California bullies the wrong “Korean uncle” as H Mart Ahjummas comes to his defense

After refusing to wear a mask at H Mart, California, the man who made a fuss was forced to leave the store to get rid of him with the store manager and customer standing together.

What’s wrong: The incident occurred at a Korean-American supermarket location on West Huntington Drive, Arcadia, around 6:15 pm on August 6. Emily Tan (@emilieeetan), While shopping with his boyfriend, he managed to film some of the turmoil.

  • Tan told Next Shark that he was the first to find a man arguing with his manager behind the store. At that time, the man was “already visibly worse” and yelled at the manager’s face, refusing to leave “because he didn’t want to wear a mask.”

  • The man had a manager in the corner while the guards contacted the police. At that moment, Tan and her boyfriend intervene to prevent the scene from escalating “to the worse / physical” because the man was “unpredictable” and the manager was “still professional”. I chose not to. However, they stayed in the area to make sure the manager was not alone. They also tried to identify the customer.

  • Tan said the incident went even worse when the man pushed the cart and flipped it in the direction of the manager “in an attempt to attack him.” After that, three female customers began to intervene. This is when Tan picks up the phone to record the scene. “When I noticed an immediate change in a man’s facial expression and body language, I started filming. He began to turn hostility towards women,” she said.

  • In Tans Instagram story highlights, You can see the man pointing his finger at the manager and saying, “You are in violation of the law.” He also claims that the manager attacked him, but the customer immediately argued against him.

  • “No, he didn’t! You’re the one who doesn’t want to wear a mask right now. We’re all wearing masks. We’re all in compliance,” the customer said.

  • Throughout the video, the manager is seen throwing his body to protect the customer from men. According to Tan, more shoppers and H Mart employees later started filming the scene, leaving the man surrounded.

aftermath: The man started walking towards the exit after learning that the police were heading, Tan said. He stood near the register and escorted him until the register arrived.

  • There were multiple witnesses in the case, but according to Tan, police informed them that “I couldn’t do anything” and “it happened.” They left the store without arresting the man, but the manager was outside to make sure he wouldn’t come back.

  • Tan described the incident as a “stunning” experience.She said H Mart’s outlets (where she’s a regular) are always aggressive COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Prevention. “Today, I think they have been most enthusiastic about implementing hygiene / safety guidelines, so see someone totally refuse. [wearing a mask] It’s amazing, “she said.

  • “I personally had the greatest impact because I didn’t step back or even frustrate the men’s threatening attempts,” Tan said. She has also become able to see the woman intervene to protect him and the store without hesitation. I stopped to help. “

  • More positively, witnesses said they were pleased that the man did not make racist or discriminatory statements. “After this situation my heart would have been much heavier, but instead this makes me aware of how much everyone is burning out and how much the pandemic has made a mental sacrifice. Only, “Tan told Next Shark.

  • According to Tan, the man passed by the guards in front of the store and the disinfection station at the entrance, so everyone was masked.

  • As of July 27, in Los Angeles County, where Arcadia is located, everyone is required to wear a mask. Indoor public space Regardless of vaccination status.

Featured image by Emily Tan (@emilieeetan) In the case of NextShark

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