Mass grave of decapitated bodies found in Mozambique

People are waiting for the arrival of a ship from the Palma district in Pemba, Mozambique, with those fleeing rebel attacks-LUIS MIGUEL FONSECA / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock & # xa0;

People are waiting for the arrival of a ship from the Palma district in Pemba, Mozambique, with those fleeing rebel attacks-LUIS MIGUEL FONSECA / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

A mass grave containing at least 12 decapitated bodies was found near a hotel used by foreigners runaway by Islamic State militants in Mozambique.

Parma, a coastal town in Cabo del Gado in northern Mozambique, was attacked Machete-wielding radicals, Assault rifles and heavy weapons on March 24th.

Twelve bodies were found under a large mango tree near the entrance to the Amarula Hotel, a facility preferred by foreign contractors working on a nearby natural gas project run by French oil giant Total.

“They were detained and decapitated here,” police commander Pedro da Silva said in a video broadcast on the TVM channel in Mozambique Wednesday.

“It’s hard to know your nationality, but we know that Amarula is a hotel that accepts foreigners. When the rebels arrived, most foreigners thought Amarula was the safest place, so Everyone is here. “

“There was security, but the armed groups were more powerful, so they managed to invade and take 12 aliens, tie their hands behind them, and decapitate them all.”

Da Silva believed that the victims were foreigners because they were white, but said they could not speculate on their nationality. Mozambique has citizens of all colors, including whites.

However, sources familiar with the operation in Pemba, the capital of Cabo del Gado, told The Telegraph that the victim was a black man. According to sources, the body is so disassembled that it is difficult to identify.

The hotel is opposite the district called Wentworth. Most of the people in the area are understood to be Mozambican, but there were also a few Italians and Portuguese in the town.

With two foreigners, a South African called Adrian Nell British contractor Philip Mawer, Has been confirmed to have been killed during the attack. As far as we can confirm, it has not been reported that other foreigners have not been explained.

Mozambique's Increasing Rebellion

Mozambique’s Increasing Rebellion

Brigadier General Viggar Chongo, a spokesman for the Northern Operational Theater, said the military had asked the forensic team to help identify the victims.

Parma has seen an influx of Mozambique and foreign workers since it acquired a total of $ 20 billion in liquefied natural gas projects two years ago. This project is one of several offshore gas projects in Cabo del Gado, worth a total of $ 60 billion.

Ann Islamic rebellion broke out in Cabo del Gado in 2017.. It is headed by a group locally known as al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab is believed to consist primarily of local fighters, but also includes Tanzanian militants and a small number of South Africans.

The raid on Parma was one of the bloodiest to date, with armed groups attacking civilians on the streets and systematically destroying major infrastructure during a week-long rampage.

The total number of casualties is uncertain.

Nell and Mauer were killed when a convoy of vehicles attempting to escape the hotel siege fired two days after the insurgents hijacked the town.

Their bodies were recovered last week by South African mercenaries working for the Dyck Advisory Group, a small private security company hired by the Mozambican government to fight armed groups. The DAG completed a one-year contract and returned to South Africa last weekend.

Leaders of the Southern African Development Community, a regional block of six countries, gathered on Thursday in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, for an emergency summit to discuss the crisis in Cabodelgado.

The six leaders said in a communiqué that they agreed to “immediate technological deployment” to support Mozambique, but did not define the nature of that support.

The Mozambican government has resisted a request to deploy foreign troops to Cabodelgado for fear of sovereignty erosion.

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