Mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria with Douglas Burton reporter Luca Vinyat on the arrest of The Epoch Times

“They charged the man in court without the authority to give him cash bail … so he is now in Kaduna prison, and it’s a very terrible place.”

A week ago, the Epoch Times reporter Lucavinyat was arrested in Nigeria after extensive reporting of atrocities against Christians in Nigeria. His latest story was entitled “In Nigeria, police have accused the slaughter of being” evil, “but not arrested.”

Since then, he has been charged with “cyberstalking under the Cybercrime Act” and, according to experts, has been used to deprive him of freedom of expression.

Today, we sit down with Douglas Burton, the African desk editor at The Epoch Times, to understand the current situation in Vinyat and what’s happening in the field in Nigeria.

“If you take a step back and look at the big picture … there’s a fight with Christians,” says Burton.

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