Mater Dei wins Division 1 football title as a controversial program


Long Beach, CA-November 26: Matterday's Ajon Bryant (9) passes servant Michael Hirst (2) and touches down in the CIF Southern Championship 11-man Soccer Division 1 Championship Final. bottom.  Friday, November 26, 2021 at Veterans Stadium in Long Beach, California.  (Kusongong / LA Times)

Matterday’s Ajon Bryant broke through servant Michael Hirst to touch down at Veterans Stadium on Friday night during the Southern Section Division 1 Championship Game. (Kusongong / For The Times)

For 48 minutes on Friday night, Santa Ana Matterday soccer players and coaches in a championship game, rather than a swirl from the field from a lawsuit filed earlier in the week claiming that a former soccer player’s family is suffering. I had the opportunity to focus on playing. Traumatic brain injury in a haze incident in the locker room in February.

Bruce Lorinson declined to comment and continues to act as usual. So he had a pre-game routine of rallying players while whistling. Anyone worried that the team is distracted by the Southern Section Division 1 Championship Game with Anaheim Sirvait finds out that the monarch is on a mission for an undefeated season.

Supported by relentless defensive efforts, Monark (11-0) won his eighth Southern Section Championship with a 27-7 victory before 9,879 at Long Beach Veterans Stadium.

“I just won the CIF Championship,” said Lorinson when asked about the roller coaster week. “There is nothing better than that.”

Servite (10-3) was unable to generate a productive run or pass attack. This is a big change from the last meeting with Matterday on October 23, when the monks lost 46-37 in a drama-filled game.

This time, Servite quarterback Noah Fifita was constantly under defensive pressure. Second-year linebacker Tanner Williams and senior linebacker David Bailey were playing with a broken right wrist, taped tightly, each with two bags. Junior linebacker Leviticus Su’a created a run of havoc and stuffing. Cameron Sydney was tasked with covering the outstanding wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan and had more than his own.

Despite Elijah Brown intercepting the two passes, Matter Day maintained a 14-7 half-time lead. Initially, it happened in the first play of the game when Servite’s Zion Sims grabbed the ball after caroming two Mater Dei receivers. It set up a 4-yard touchdown reception by McMillan, who was intercepted in the second quarter.

Monark regained momentum by relying on the running game and getting an effective pass rush in Fifita. Quincy Craig made a 3-yard touchdown run, and Ajon Bryant added a 27-yard touchdown run. Raleek Brown scored in a one-yard run in the second half of the third quarter.

Raleek Brown finished with a 164 yard rush with a 23 carry. Elijah Brown made 11 out of 14 passes with 110 yards and one touchdown. Fifita passed 10/22 at 86 yards and was fired four times.

Another trophy will be added for Monark’s football performance, but off-field, the impact on Matterday’s reputation may continue to be compromised after this week’s proceedings are filed. In a letter to the community, the school’s president, Father Walter E. Jenkins, said, “All aspects are consistently processed according to the core values ​​of our institution.”

At Thanksgiving, dozens of former Matterday players gathered on campus to support the current team and greet Lorinson in practice. It was a business as usual for Lorinson in his 33 seasons. However, his future as a coach can be at risk given that the coach was banished at almost all levels when a hazy incident was identified.

The husband and wife, who came to the game to cheer on their nephew playing on the servant, said they had safety concerns before the opening kick-off following a alleged changing room case on Matterday.

“You are a teacher. It is your responsibility to make sure your children are safe,” said the mother, who asked for anonymity because she is an educator.

“As a parent, I’m worried if this is happening and the school and government aren’t handling it quickly,” the father said. “Why wasn’t it transparent?”

By winning, Mater Dei will be competing in the CIF State Championship Open Division Bowl Game at Saddleback College on December 11th.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..