Material You is a new generation of Android UI that emphasizes colorful and personalized

Google Android 12 Material You

Google Android 12 Material You

The highlight of Google I/O is naturally not Android, and Matis Duarte, the vice president of Google’s design department, is on I/O this year.Brings a new generation of UI called “Material You”, Succeeding Material Design released in 2014. Material You emphasizes “personalization”. Google does not decide the color matching of the screen elements, but the user can match the color of the UI components by themselves-and this is not only Android, Duarte said that your preferred color will follow you. Mobile phones to other platforms, including Chrome, wearable devices, smart displays, and “all Google products” will have a unified set of color schemes.

On the whole, Android 12 has undergone a major change in appearance. It not only “let go” to users in terms of color matching, but also introduce new UI elements and use it with more diverse screen sizes. Material You is more than just color. Users can also determine details such as contrast, size, and frame thickness. For people with poor eyesight or special needs, it is easier to find their own suitable appearance combination. Later, third-party apps can also directly introduce Material You’s color scheme to keep your apps consistent.

Google’s Sameer Samat is in the Android 12 overview, further explaining the way users can get color matching. For example, the system can automatically analyze your wallpaper, find out the main color, complementary color, and other colors that can be matched, and generate a series of dark and light color tickets, which are applied everywhere in the UI.

Material You is expected to come to Pixel phones first this fall, and will gradually expand to many of the aforementioned Google products in the next year. If you can’t wait for the fall, the preview version of Android 12 is also available today. If you are not afraid of bugs, you can take a look first.

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