Matt Gaetz is also reportedly being scrutinized on suspicion of Florida’s “ghost” candidate Skull Duggery.

A federal investigation by Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is said to be focusing on possible sexual trafficking violations and sex with a 17-year-old girl, said Trip to the Bahamas Whether Gates was involved in running a third-party “ghost” candidate to support associates in the state Senate elections, in addition to the relationship between Republican allies and paid women’s businesses. New York Times Report..

Gates denied paying for sex or having sex with a 17-year-old girl, but his alleged partner in raising women for sex, Joel Greenberg, is now guilty and pleaded guilty. Possibility to turn over Gates, Greenberg’s lawyer and federal prosecutor proposed Thursday. A parliamentary Republican, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Wash.), Said Asked Gates to resign, And Gates’ legislative director, Devin Murphy, suddenly resigned last week. Include Times Report..

Investigators say a fake third-party candidate to help Gates work with Florida’s prominent lobbyist Chris Dorworth to help Gates companion Jason Brodeur beat Democratic rivals vacantly. Is in the early stages of an investigation into whether or not to participate in the state Senate elections. Include Times Report.. Recruiting “ghost” candidates to compete with your opponents is generally legal, but legally speaking, you don’t want to secretly pay them to do so. In the case of Brodeur, the third candidate ran, but did little campaign. The flyer portrayed her as a Democrat like an opponent of Brodeur.

Brodeur eventually raised over $ 3 million for the race and won with 7,600 votes. Third-party candidate Jestine Iannotti won 6,000 votes. Brodeur Times Through a spokesperson, he had nothing to do with Iannotti’s flyer. Dowers said he had never met, contacted, or paid for Iannotti, and I don’t remember discussing running Gates for a third-party candidate.

“The ghost candidate’s plans will be brave even in Florida, a fertile land of unsightly political tactics,” he said. Include Times ReportTwo lesser-known third-party candidates in the Miami race in the last election helped the Republican win and maintained control of the state legislature. “In one of the Miami races with 32 votes, Accused ghost candidate Supporters of the campaign have been prosecuted for election funding. “

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