Matt Gaetz said his office was open to hiring Kyle Rittenhouse as a parliamentary intern if he was “interested in further supporting the country.”

Matt Gaetz Kyle Rittenhouse

Florida Parliamentarian Matt Gaetz said Rittenhaus “will probably be a pretty good parliamentary intern.”Alex Wong / Getty Images; Sean Krajatch-Pool / Getty Images

  • Matt Gaetz said on Wednesday that he thought Kyle Rittenhouse would be a good parliamentary intern.

  • “We may contact him and see if he is interested in helping the country in additional ways,” Gates said of the Rittenhouse.

  • The jury is currently discussing whether Rittenhaus is guilty of five felony charges, including a first-class murder.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz believes Kyle Rittenhouse will be a good parliamentary intern and said he could be contacted for a job if he was “interested”.

so Interview with Newsmax On Wednesday, Gates defended Rittenhaus and said he deserved a “not guilty” verdict. 12 juries will continue to discuss the verdict..

“He deserves an acquittal verdict, and I’m sure he’ll get it because you know what. Kyle Rittenhouse will probably be a pretty good congressional intern,” Gates said. Said.. “We may contact him and see if he is interested in helping the country in other ways.”

Rittenhouse, 18 years old In court for Deadly shoot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Hoover, He injured Gaiji Grosskreutz during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.he Acquittal, his lawyer claims he acted in self-defense. he Charged with 5 felony charges, Including one intentional murder.

Gates also spoke in support of Jacob Chansley of “Q Anon Shaman.” Sentenced to 41 months in prison on Wednesday He called him “a relatively harmless and non-violent vegan” about his role in the January 6 parliamentary riots.

“The idea that he has to be in jail for three and a half years to settle some kind of political score is against justice,” Gates said. “Americans deserve the Department of Justice, Washington’s most political institution. Instead, we have the Department of Justice, Washington’s most political institution.”

Gates himself is the subject Justice Department investigation on whether he paid a minor girl for sex..

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