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Texas lifestyle coach and QAnon’s obsessed boyfriend struck parliamentary riots

Criminal Accusation Texas Lifestyle Coach and Essential Oil Leader “Patriots” After Ragging the US Capitol on January 6 [going] Elizabeth Rose Williams and her boyfriend Bradley Stuart Bennett, who live in Kerrville, Texas, were arrested last week for violent invasion, chaotic behavior, and deliberate invasion of restricted buildings. In a newly unsealed criminal accusation, prosecutors allege that the pair was seen in a video wandering the crypt and Senate gallery when thousands of MAGA rioters attacked the Capitol. I am. Bennett wrote in a Facebook post provided to federal authorities by Tipstar. Capitol Rioter and “Straight Pride” Troll Stiffs Attorney Hit New Rally While Out on Vail According to social media posts and her personal website, Williams is a lifestyle coach and natural health enthusiast. , “All American”, and a musician who is passionate about “living every day with a purpose”. According to her site, she started her “home-based business” at the age of 18 and “had an equivalent degree from a hard-knock school, even with such a certification.” “From a very young age, Elizabeth knew she was there. Her website, Life with Rose, shows that she is a big purpose on earth, doing great things and destined to influence leaders. I will. She states she released her first album in 2018. Her website states: Since 2008, Williams has built a “health-conscious family network” and is an “experienced educator in the areas of essential oils, natural supplements, exercise and conscious food procurement” and “Williams is arrested. In my last blog post the day before, I provided my clients with some “spring cleaning tips” without “doing too much strain on myself.” She also posted essential oils and lifestyle tips on Instagram. Criminal accusation However, Williams seemed to be focusing on internal healing, but her boyfriend seemed to be focusing on posts about QAnon. At least four media outlets who helped identify Bennett said they frequently posted conspiracy theories claiming that Trump was working to defeat the violent, baby-eating Democratic Cabal, according to the complaint. One Talekomi didn’t know Bennett personally, but for the months leading up to January 6th, he watched his social media posts “on a daily basis”, but the posts were on the other. He said it was more “combat” than the post. Numerous posts encouraging people to gather and attend an event in Washington, DC “and” posted that he attends. ” The other two told authorities that they saw the video and post when Bennett entered the Capitol. [going] To war. “The Capitol was hit by a storm. I believe the patriots were shot. We lost a woman,” Bennett said on Facebook, along with a video in which Williams was clearly seen. I am writing in the post. “There was an Ant-ifa instigator, but I didn’t see any serious violence, and certainly not from the right.” “We are caring for a safe, injured warrior. “Today was a revolutionary message. We won’t leave. We will find a victory.” Another video provided to the Criminal Accusation FBI “seems to have been copied from Bennett’s Facebook page. And [showed] Complaints say Bennett and Williams enter the US Capitol, Capitol basement, and Senate galleries. “Bennet seems to have deleted most or all of the posts he made. [riot] Within 24 hours of the event, “the prosecutor added. Williams and Bennett were released in a bond. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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