Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend works with federal authorities to investigate sexual trafficking, CNN reports

Matt Gaetz

Republican Rep. Matt Gates asks a reporter outside a closed-door meeting testified by Ukrainian State Department adviser Catherine Croft and State Department Assistant Secretary of State Laura Cooper as part of the House’s investigation into Donald Trump against President Donald. Received Wednesday, October 30, 2019, Trump at Capitol Hill, Washington. AP

  • Former Capitol Hill staff dating Matt Gaetz are working with authorities. CNN report.

  • His ex-girlfriend is expected to help investigators understand hundreds of transaction records, CNN reported.

  • Gates’ lawyer told insiders that he was “ready for a fair fight over facts and law.”

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Former girlfriend Matt Gaetz will work with federal authorities investigating Florida lawmakers, sources said. CNN..

The news was officially announced a few days later by former Gates ally and Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg. Acknowledge sin After being sentenced to six felony charges, he agreed to work with the US government in Gates’ investigation.

Gates’ former girlfriend, former Capitol Hill staff, has been associated with the Republican Party since at least the summer of 2017. This is a time of obvious interest to investigators. According to CNN, women are expected to help prosecutors understand the hundreds of transactions that have been recorded.

Investigators have been Push CNN reported on women’s agreements from earlier this month. The source did not share with CNN if there was a formal agreement to cooperate.

Gates has not been charged with a crime. Investigators from the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been working for months. He had a sexual relationship with a minor Violated federal sex trafficking, prostitution, and corruption laws.

Gates spokesman Harlan Hill told insiders, “Representative Gates does not appear to have been named or mentioned for Greenberg’s plea. Gates has never had sex with a minor and has sex. I have never paid for it. ” “Mr. Greenberg has now pleaded guilty to accidentally accusing someone else of having sex with a minor, who was innocent, as did Congressman Gates.”

Neither Timothy Janssen, a former girlfriend’s lawyer, nor the Justice Department immediately responded to insider requests for comment.

Gates lawyers Mark Mukasey and Isabel Kirschner said insider leaks from anonymous sources jeopardized the integrity of the investigation.

“We are ready for a fair battle of facts and law. Anywhere. Anytime,” said the lawyer. “But the constant flow of leaks from anonymous sources undermines the integrity of this process. It’s simply and clearly inappropriate.”

This is a developing story. Check for updates.

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