Matt Gaetz’s second aide reportedly resigned during a federal investigation and said he didn’t want to work for the tabloids.

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Washington, DC-June 17: Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida hears during the HR7120 “Justice of Police Act 2020” markup held in Washington, DC on June 17, 2020. Tilt. Easier police prosecution and prosecution, banning the use of chokeholds by federal police officers, banning racial profiling, ending “no knock” investigation warrants in drug cases, creating national registrations for police violations, and Conduct demand bias training to local police stations to obtain federal funding. Photo by Erin Scott-Pool via Getty Images

  • According to the New York Times, Republican Republican Matt Gaetz’s legislative director resigned last week.

  • Devin Murphy is the second staff member to resign during a federal investigation into Gates.

  • Murphy reportedly told his peers that he wanted to focus on policy rather than working for tabloids.

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Another member of Congressman Matt Gaetz resigned during a federal investigation into the Republican Florida. New York Times Reported Thursday night.

Gates’ legislative director, Devin Murphy, resigned last week, making him the second aide to resign since the investigation was published. According to The Times, Murphy “told his colleagues that he was interested in writing invoices rather than working at TMZ.”

Murphy has been working at Gates since 2017.

A Gates spokesperson did not immediately return an insider’s request for comment.

Departure news comes on the same day as the Gates press shop Make a statementAssists a confused lawmaker who denies trafficking, using election funds to pay for sex, or having sexual relations with a minor woman, “The Women of the Office.” Due to.

Earlier Thursday, a lawyer for Gates’ friend and political ally Joel Greenberg announced that his client could be nearby. Reach a judicial transaction With the US Department of Justice. Greenberg has been charged with sexual trafficking, among other crimes.

“Matt Gaetz wouldn’t feel very comfortable today,” lawyer Fritz Scheller told reporters.

Gates is reportedly under federal investigation into the possibility of sexual trafficking. Gates denied all claims made to him, saying he had never paid for sex.

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