Matt Hancock loses UN job just four days after appointment

Matt Hancock-Mega, shot in London earlier this year

Matt Hancock-Mega, shot in London earlier this year

Matt Hancock takes on a new job at the United Nations just four days after being appointed after being angry by someone who has accused him of “dropping his chin” to appoint him as a special envoy for the recovery of Covid in Africa. I lost it.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) said: His appointment was “not advanced”. The day after the criticism.

Hancock, who resigned as health minister in June after being filmed CCTV kissing his aide, told Telegraph on Saturday: To help strengthen the market and drive the agenda of bringing investment to Africa.

“The United Nations wrote to me to explain to me that technical UN rules have since been revealed that state parliamentarians cannot be the UN Special Rapporteur.

“This means I can’t take that position because I promise to continue to serve as a member of West Suffolk. I will do my best to serve the UN ECA mission in the role of Parliament. I look forward to helping you. “

Controversial appointment

Hancock was blessed by the senior Tories, including his successor Sajid Javid, and Foreign Ministers Liz Truss and James Cleverly. UN Under-Secretary-General Bella Sonwe pointed out his “success” in the UK’s efforts to respond to pandemics.

However, activists and politicians said his appointment was a “definition of a colonial hangover” and showed that the United Nations did not take the continent’s recovery from a pandemic seriously.

Dr. Ayoade Alakija, Co-Chair of the African Union’s Africa Vaccine Delivery Alliance, told the telegram that the decision was “amazing,” adding: Advanced class children were embarrassed at home and were sent to India and everywhere.

“”Has he been to africa?? “

Labor lawmaker Jess Phillips said the appointment was a “failure” for Hancock, and that Nick Cheeseman, an African democracy expert at the University of Birmingham, was a “beggar belief.”

Hancock accepted the appointment by adding the title to his LinkedIn page and tweeting a copy of the letter he sent to the committee.

West Suffolk MP resigned in disgrace earlier this year His relationship with Gina Coradangero, Married a former colleague of the Ministry of Health.

Since then, it is understood that he has left his wife, Martha, and is pursuing a serious relationship with Mr. Coradangero.

The UN ECA did not reveal a reason to cancel Mr Hancock’s appointment, but activists welcomed the news.

Nick Dearden, director of the NGO Global Justice Now, said:

“If you want Matt Hancock Help African countries recover from a pandemic, He needs to urge the Prime Minister to uphold the patent waiver of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“If he had done that when he was in government, tens of millions of people would have already been vaccinated.

“The last thing the African Continent needs is a failed British politician. This is not the 19th century.”

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