Maxime Bernier’s PPC breaks into the final day of the election campaign

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC), led by Maxime Bernier, has seen a further rise in polls as the 2021 campaign enters its final countdown.

Opinion polls are gaining support for the party, and poll aggregators 338 Canada As of September 15, the PPC referendum was 6.1%. In the states, the party is most favored in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with a voting forecast of 8% and Alberta and Ontario 7% each.

Talking to a crowd of about 300 people at the cancellation of the campaign in Oakville on September 16, Bernier emphasized his determination to fight for “freedom” and opposed mandatory vaccine passports and other COVID-19 restrictions. Emphasized to do.

“This country has been one of the freest countries in the world in the last 164 years, and now we are losing freedom and we can no longer take our freedom for granted,” Bernier said. .. “And we know that without freedom, there is no human dignity, equal rights, or economic prosperity.”

“We are fighting for Western civilization. We are fighting for our way of life. We say” no “to that” new common sense. ” There is no “new normal”. I just want to go back to life before COVID-19, “he said.

While following the trajectory of the campaign, Bernier has focused most on the issue of vaccine obligations and blockades.

“Because we are fighting for freedom of freedom, more people now realize that what we have had in the last 19 months is what we no longer want. There are no mask obligations, blockades, or curfew, “Banier told the Islemer crowd. September 15..

PPC promises to abolish vaccination obligations and routine inspections for federal civil servants and workers, and to abolish travelers’ vaccine passports.

Bernier flew to Alberta for the rest of the week after campaigning in Ontario on September 15. A campaign rally with the Ontario MPP Randy Hillier was planned on September 17th in Strathmore.

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.