Mayor Carbolo resigns at the end of the year to explore “what’s next”


Mayor Lydia Lavelle of Carboro announced on Wednesday that she would not run for her next term and would resign as mayor eight years later in December.

“It’s a great honor to serve Carrboro, the city I consider to be the most progressive in North Carolina,” she said in a news release. With the support of this small but strong community and the efforts of colleagues at the Town Council, Carboro’s progressive reputation has been transformed into leadership and action on key issues throughout the state. “

During her tenure, Carbolo has condemned anti-immigration policies, prioritized racial equality initiatives, and pursued policies and practices to address climate change, she said.

Before she left the office, Ravel said it would help local businesses get out of losses and closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. She and the city council also need to replace David Andrews, a town manager who will retire at the end of July.

“Everything has a season, and I look forward to exploring what’s coming next,” she said.

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