Mayor of DC demands National Guard to respond to illegal immigrant buses

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, has requested that the DC National Guard be activated indefinitely to help the district respond to the influx of illegal immigrants. If you come by busAccording to reports.

Bowser’s request to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and President Joe Biden is due to more than 150 buses from Arizona and Texas bringing more than 5,000 migrants to Washington, DC over the past three months.

Under the guidance of Governor Greg Abbott, Bass began bringing in immigrants from the Texas border area in mid-April. Texas has sent more than 125 buses to DC. A month later, Arizona also started sending buses.

“The situation is dire and we consider it a humanitarian crisis, as Texas and Arizona have pledged to continue these abominable operations indefinitely.

The mayor claimed that “the pace and amount of arrival of buses has reached a turning point.”

“Our collective response and service efforts are now overwhelming … Tragically, many families arrive in Washington, DC, where they have nowhere to go, or continue to search for destinations across the United States. “I will,” she writes.

According to a copy of the letter shared by NBC Washington, the Mayor’s letter to Austin on July 19 and Biden on July 22 also included a request for permission to use DC Armory as a processing center.

According to the report, Bowser’s request has not been answered so far.

The mayor wrote in her letter that immigration is a federal issue and the federal government must provide “immediate federal support.”

She asked 150 employees to help transport the migrants to the DC Armory.There, missions will help their illegal immigrants “The final move to the final destination,” Bowser wrote.

“This mission will begin as soon as possible and will continue indefinitely until the city saves them,” she said. “For clarity, I am aware of the magnitude of this request, but the Governor of Texas and the Governor of Arizona have issued a political statement to the federal government, and instead their actions persist. It has a direct impact on the resources of cities and regions in ways that are impossible. “

Bowser told CBS earlier this month Face the Nation “We urged the federal government to work across state boundaries to prevent people from actually being fooled into getting on the bus,” said a DC official.

“I think they’re mostly asylum seekers going to final destinations outside Washington, DC,” she said. “I’ve worked with the White House to confirm that FEMA is subsidizing local organizations servicing people. When their final destination is anywhere in the United States, they I’m worried that I might be fooled by a national bus trip. “

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