Mayor of Ottawa declares a state of emergency due to convoy protests

Ottawa — Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson has declared an emergency due to a continuing truck driver protest in the city center of downtown.

of easy explanationThe city “reflects the serious dangers and threats to the safety and security of the population posed by ongoing demonstrations and emphasizes the need for support from other jurisdictions and government levels. “. “

“It also provides greater flexibility within the city administration to enable the city of Ottawa to manage the business continuity of essential services for its residents, helping to purchase the equipment needed by frontline workers and first responders. It enables a more flexible procurement process, “says the city. Said in that statement.

The organizers of Freedom Convoy say their protests are peaceful.

The protests began as a demonstration by truck drivers against the federal government’s request for vaccination of cross-border truck drivers, but then to oppose various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. , Has evolved into a large-scale movement involving many people from all over Canada. A convoy of cars arrived in Ottawa on January 29, and many stayed in Ottawa. Many protesters say they will stay until the government lifts the mission because trucks and other vehicles are parked in Congress.

Epoch Times Photo
A truck parked in downtown Ottawa as demonstrators continued to protest COVID-19 obligations and restrictions on February 2, 2022. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

Benjamin Dichter, the organizer of the protest, said that people contacted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lift COVID-19’s obligations regarding the loud noises and barks of downtown Ottawa during the day. Say you should ask.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. Justin Trudeau, please call his office to cancel these missions, and we are out of here,” Dichter said on February 6. I said at a press conference in Ottawa on the day.

Trudeau refused to meet the protesters.

Tom Quigin, who assists the organizers with “Protection Intelligence,” said that as a result of COVID-19 obligations and restrictions, many people across Canada have lost jobs, homes and businesses, and they too are in the country. capital.

“Remember that most of Ottawa is government and there are a huge number of civil servants here. They haven’t missed Peishek. They have salary increases, some of them have regained their wages. Most of them work at home. Some people who can’t work at home get paid without doing anything. Yes, it’s a shame they feel sick about the horns. Yes, it’s a shame they feel sick about the turmoil, but the rest of the country is hurt, “Kuigin said at a press conference.

Former RCMP officer Daniel Bruford, who has left the army for a vaccine mission and is currently assisting the organizers of the protest, said his children are already hockey because of the position the family took on the vaccine issue. I said I don’t want to. He feels “isolated and alienated.”

“The horners aren’t the only ones dealing with the effects of all these missions,” Bruford said at a press conference.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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Limin Zhou is an Ottawa-based reporter.