McDonald’s Japan raises prices for third time in 10 months as costs soar

TOKYO — Japanese McDonald’s restaurant owners announced Friday their third price hike in less than a year, the latest sign of mounting inflationary pressures on Japanese consumers.

McDonald’s Holding Company Japan has announced that it will raise the prices of its menu by about 80% from January 16th.

Following the previous price hikes in March and September of last year, inflation and a weaker yen have made Japan more expensive for imported foodstuffs.

The price of a cheeseburger will increase from 140 yen a year ago to 200 yen this month. The price of the signature menu, the Big Mac Burger, has increased from 410 yen to 450 yen.

Japanese consumers will see more than 4,000 price increases on food items starting next month, researcher Teikoku Databank said Thursday.

Separately, Japanese restaurants Hot Palette and Royal Holdings announced on Friday that they will raise prices mainly for beef and steak in January and March, respectively.

(1 dollar = 133.9200 yen)

Rocky Swift