‘meant to be. ‘A North Carolina man whimsically buys a lottery and wins the grand prize

A man in Nash County went home the day he decided to “swing around” a local store to buy a lottery ticket. Winner of $ 100,000, A North Carolina Educational Lottery official said.

John Bunn of Bailey bought an Extreme Cash ticket for $ 25 from the On The Run store on Bloomery Road.

“I happened to choose it at the right time,” Van said.

At first, “I couldn’t believe it,” Van told lottery officials when he scratched the ticket and read the numbers.

“I just thought I was reading the wrong number,” he said. “I never thought I would win.”

He stopped at Raleigh’s lottery headquarters on Monday and received a total of $ 70,757 in after-tax prize money.

Van plans to spend money to pay off his house.

“It’s kind of unrealistic,” he said. “It’s just one thing it should be.”