Meatloaf said Prince Andrew had tried to push him into the moat after he had “carefully” captured Sarah Ferguson.

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  • Grammy-winning singer and actor Meatloaf died Thursday at the age of 74.

  • In 2003 he revealed that Prince Andrew once tried to push him into the moat over Sarah Ferguson’s “attention.”

  • The quarrel took place at a 1987 charity tournament featuring the royal family and celebrities.

Meatloaf, American rock star and actor Died Thursday, 74 years oldHe once said he was about to be pushed into the moat by Prince Andrew over Sarah Ferguson’s “attention.”

The singer and actor, whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday, participated in the 1987 charity tournament “It’s a Royal Knockout” filmed at Alton Towers.

Members of the royal family competed in teams with celebrities such as John Travolta, Sheena Easton, Cliff Richard, and John Cleese to raise money for charity.

and 2003 interview With the Guardian, Aday said, “It was a lot of fun, I had a great time,” but joked, “The Queen hates me.”

He revealed that he had drawn the attention of Prince Andrew’s then-wife, Sarah Ferguson. “Fergie wasn’t flirting with me, but she was paying attention to me,” he said.

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, “Royal Knockout”Photographer Int / BBC

“And I think Andrew got a little — I might be wrong, I’m reading this — I think he was a little jealous … anyway, he pushed me underwater I tried to squeeze in. He tried to squeeze me into the moat.

“So I turned around and grabbed him, and he went,’You can’t touch me. I’m royalty.’ I said,” Well, you push me into the moat. Try, Jack, I don’t give you shit who you are, you’re in the moat. “

Thursday’s death on the 1st was announced in a statement released by the star Facebook page..

“Our heart is broken to announce that the incomparable meatloaf has died with his wife Deborah tonight,” he said.

Compliments from the entertainment world were poured. Sher who recorded “Dead Ringer for Love” with Aday Honored the star, Tweet: “I really enjoyed the meatloaf when I did’Dead Ringer’. I’m very sorry to his family, friends and fans. Do I imagine it or the wonderful Ppl of art 1 Are you dead every other day ?! “

Prince Andrew is currently facing a sexual assault proceeding In August Virginia Giuffre, who claims Jeffrey Epstein last year Forced her to have sex with Andrew Located on Epstein’s New York Mansion, London, and Epstein’s private islands on the US Virgin Islands.

Buckingham Palace last week by Andrew Face proceedings as a civilian And his military title and royal patronage will be removed.

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