Mechanic charged after being accused of intentionally damaging customer’s car

Two mechanics have been charged after they were accused of intentionally damaging parts of at least one victim’s vehicle while working at Cochrane No. 1 dealership in Monroeville.

“You’re not going to drive it with that amount of damage,” said trooper Rocco Gagliardi.

State Police are issuing a warning after discovering two mechanics at Cochrane’s No. 1 store in Monroeville who allegedly tampered with a customer’s brake pads.

“At that point it turned out that I stuck a flathead screwdriver between the brake pads to separate them. ,” said Gagliardi.

Aaron Eager and Jacob Siakowski face summary charges of criminal mischief and misconduct.

“The mechanics told investigators that everything they did was of their own accord,” Gagliardi said.

The victim of the incident said it was a betrayal of trust. He told Channel 11 that he spoke with his manager at service after the first accident, who personally inspected his brake system in the presence of staff to ensure that nothing like this ever happened again. I was told to discuss the mistake with you.

It’s unclear how long these mechanics had been working at the Hyundai dealership, and investigators have yet to figure out what they had to gain by deliberately inflicting damage.

“It’s not like a private garage where you can buy and sell your own parts. It’s a dealer garage. I don’t have the answer for you,” Gagliardi said.

We contacted our dealer. In a statement, they said, “Our set of facts is different from what was expressed at the press conference. Multiple people have seen the brake pads and everyone agrees they did not pass inspection.” In our evaluation, no one at #1 Cochran forced the pads apart or damaged them in any way, that’s not how we operate or how we do business, and the techs don’t do that. I didn’t get any benefit from doing it that way.”

The trooper instructs the driver to investigate and trust the mechanics to do the work.

Both suspects have the same attorney. Channel 11 reached out to him but received no response.

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