Media alert coverage of Tracker’s protests and Trudeau’s intolerant rhetoric is shameful


“COVID has shown government officials how to circumvent the usual system of checking and balancing. They simply have to call” science “to declare an emergency — and then give their emergency orders. I will extend it many times. Anyone who has the courage to challenge an emergency order will be stigmatized as “antiscience” or will be told that they are not scientists and therefore have no right to hear, “John G. West said. I am writing in.The rise of totalitarian science.

“Regardless of your view of a particular anti-COVID policy, pandemic policymaking has set a terrible precedent for the future. In the name of science, the spirit of irresponsible government power comes out of the bottle. Is it possible to get it back? “

During the months of full civil turmoil and riots that plagued many US cities in 2020, mostly work and the new Black Lives Matter, or self-named Antifa to Oxymoronic. The curse that emerged, the American press, was a mysterious kindness in their coverage. That these mobs hijacked central Seattle, set up “security guards” to determine who could enter, rolled downtown every night, and terrorized the liberated “Chazistan” inhabitants. please remember. Companies were attacked and saw murder and violence, and of course riots were marked with contempt and attacks on police.

Seattle residents were effectively held hostage in their city in the 21st century Democratic America.

The utopian mayor of Seattle culminated in fools when a pure lawless situation arose, describing it as the beginning of a “summer of love.” A “dim” statement (in a nutshell) that should be carved into granite and placed outside the city hall under the mayor’s bust. In many other cities, nightly rampages, attempts to burn police buildings, “occupation”, massive destruction of property, and mass looting took place. Works.

Still, the news media was comforting or completely complacent of what was in front of them. Everyone who followed the riots remembers the spectacular moment when a flame bounced into the night sky, standing in front of a three-story building that was one giant torch. But it’s almost peaceful. Of course, he was hired by CNN.

This was six months old, and reports of riots and looting were predominantly timid, almost clearly supportive, and completely inadequate.

Epoch Times Photo
The demonstrators will participate in a convoy protest against COVID-19 orders and restrictions in Ottawa on January 31, 2022. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

Here in Canada, there are six days of protests in one city (as I write), and the mechanics are almost completely opposite. The protests were not really “mainly”, but overwhelmingly peaceful, and the political and major press reactions were very alert and ominous.

The Ottawa store has a lot of pretty adorable incidents, with the windows left untouched, the police station and police being attacked by sticks and stones, and the lack of “armed patrols” by truck drivers telling people where to go. I am. Did not reach the national or local press.

This is a two-year blockade of COVID, changes in standards and policies, an overkill increase in government authority affecting the civil liberties of all, and a right that was once sacred and is now hollowed out. And a protest after the eradication of the protection of the Freedom Charter. Guaranteed. Early truck drivers in this crisis were praised as civil heroes, like health staff and grocery store clerks, by Mr Trudeau himself and even the media. The truck driver delivered the food and goods needed at the time of the outbreak. Their courage and sense of duty are tributes to Canada’s way of helping people in difficult times.

But two years later, they bear the burden of a “save the world” carbon tax, increase COVID anxiety, and impose a vaccination obligation policy without consultation with the most influential people. When it was decided to protest a thousand people and carry out-mile trekking to Ottawa to do so, they were piled up with the most ridiculous rhetoric from the very leaders and press who once praised them. ..

Our great liberal guardian press has sought out every little incident. And there was only a small incident in a protest involving thousands of people, branding and coloring the entire movement, amplifying all criticism, calling the truck driver “Yahoo” and slightly exaggerating. Or perceived as a “threat,” in most cases, we carefully avoid giving something like a reasonable and gentle explanation of the concerns of the citizens that make up the protest.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most enthusiastic, withdrawn and protected (captured COVIDs after receiving vaccines and boosters, but may appear to diminish the need to oblige others to oblige them). In simple words, they are “misogynists, racists, and science denials.” Moreover, they are derogatory “fringes.” On January 31st, he stood there again. “Don’t give in to those engaged in vandalism … there is no place of intimidation, violence or hatred in our country.” He-the deepest sin of Wokery Church- “alienating the minority” Am I trying?

Mr Trudeau’s tone and language, his blameful disgust, are completely out of proportion. He deliberately stimulates polarization and portrays working-class Canadians (which rarely protest) as villains. And I argue that as a fact, the men and women who drove half of Canada are not destroyers, not racists. In fact, they are the same as most other working Canadians. And it is such intolerance to a group of Canadian citizens exercising their legitimate right to protest that the Prime Minister evokes tolerance as his number one virtue every time the clock ticks the next second. It’s a shame to play a good rhetoric. The attack from the Prime Minister is sad, using the words he must know.

The hordes of media are in harmony with Mr Trudeau. They show a better attitude than those they report, with some describing protesters as “occupying forces” and others most resentful of “horns.” Dear. Last year, the waves of the devastated and burnt church received a much lukewarm morality.

Finally, we conclude this observation from Glen Reynolds, who is enthusiastic and clear about American politics. Column At the moment of Ottawa in the New York Post:

“In Canada, the press even tried to pretend that thousands of truck drivers driving towards the capital Ottawa were actually Russian agents. When that failed, it fascisted them, Called a Nazi sympathizer and a white supremeist, he returned to that old standard.

There used to be a distinction between the media and politicians. You may need a microscope to see it this week.

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Rex Murphy


Rex Murphy is a writer and columnist and former host of CBC Television and CBC Radio.