Medina Spirit trainer Bob Baffert suspends horses from Belmont Stakes


Famous horse Racing trainer bob buffert Temporarily suspended by the New York Racing Association, he was disqualified from the Belmont Stakes, the last leg of the sport’s triple crown.

Baffert’s embarrassed Kentucky Derby champion Medina Spirit is awaiting new test results after a positive test for the steroid betamethasone, which NYRA called a “banned corticosteroid,” questioning the horse’s title. I am.

Thirteen horses won the triple crown, and the last two, the American Pharoah in 2015 and Justify in 2018, were trained by Baffert. But recently, many have failed drug tests. This is what the NYRA quoted in their decision.

NYRA President and CEO Dave O’Rourke said in a statement Monday that it is the association’s responsibility to prioritize horse racing integrity.

“To maintain a successful thoroughbred horse racing industry in New York, the NYRA must protect the integrity of the sport for fans, betting civilians, and race participants,” Oruk said. .. “That responsibility calls for action taken today for the best interests of thoroughbred racing.”

The final conditions for the suspension will be based on a study by Medina Spirit’s Kentucky Derby, but the association will tentatively accept entries and provide stall space for individuals employed by Bob Buffer Tracing Stables. He said he wouldn’t do it.

Gamin, one of Baffert’s other horses, also tested positive for betamethasone in September.Last month, Baffert Appeal for his 15-day suspension By the Arkansas Racing Commission after his two horses were tested positive for the painkiller lidocaine.

Baffert said the drug test was positive because Medina Spirit was treated for dermatitis with a topical ointment called Otomax containing betamethasone.

“I am deeply saddened to see this incident portrayed as a” doping “scandal or betamethasone labeled as a” banned “substance. ” Baffert said in a statement on Saturday.. “Neither is true remotely. Betamethasone is an acceptable and commonly used drug in horse racing.”

Veterinarians are wary of betamethasone abuse, fearing that betamethasone can hide serious bone and joint damage Leads to fatal failure.. Also, some states, including Kentucky, do not allow drugs to enter the horse system on race day.

Even though Baffert was allowed to race at Belmont Stakes on June 5, Medina Spirit was no longer in the Triple Crown. Ronbauer unexpectedly wins Preakness Stakes Saturday. The horse must win all three long-awaited competitions in order to retain its unusual praise. This allows owners to sell their horse breeding rights at the highest price.

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