Meet Finland’s TikToker, who has built 1.4 million strong followers by digging holes in the ice and filming himself jumping into the frosty waters.

Elina Makinen

Makinen created a sensation for TikTok after filming his video of swimming in icy water against a snowy background.Elina Makinen

  • TikToker Elina Makinen said winter swimming is a “general” activity in her native Finland.

  • She believes the activity is good for her health and makes her feel “enhanced”.

  • However, tax accountants have warned that swimming in such cold water is not for everyone.

Elina Makinen swims twice a day, which isn’t too surprising except that the pool she chose is a subglacial lake.

For the past decade, a 28-year-old woman has enjoyed daily flooding in sub-zero temperatures in Finland. This temperature can drop below -22 degrees Fahrenheit on some days.

This hobby is now a tax accountant living in Muonio TikTok sensation.. She has over 1.4 million followers who love to watch her play in the icy waters of her hometown of Lapland.

Many of her videos have been played over a million times each, with one clip in particular and lip-syncing to the treble. “I’m very happy, I’m very sad” TikTok Audio — Has won 76.5 million views.

“I thought it would be fun to start shooting some videos because just staying in the water and waiting for time to pass can be boring. It’s natural to do these TikTok videos. That was a big deal, “Makinen, who joined the platform in 2019, told insiders.

Some of her more popular videos include digging a hole in a frozen lake with an ax or ice drill before she jumps into the ocean below.

“Many people in Finland have their own axis for doing these things,” she said.

“Of course, there are ice swimming clubs that people can go to, but many of them were closed for Covid, so people just made their own ice holes and swam wherever they wanted.” She continued.

Elina Makinen

Makinen believes that winter swimming is good for her health.Elina Makinen

She added that ice swimming may seem novel to foreigners, but it is “very common” in her home country.

“Many people on TikTok comment and ask questions like” Would you like to have hypothermia? ” Or “How do you resist the cold?” For them this is crazy, but for the Finnish people it is nothing. “

When she was only five years old, Makinen took her first icy swim with her family. “The whole family loves winter swimming. It’s our bond activity,” she said.

She added that hobbies used to be popular among older Finns, but in recent years they have also become popular among younger people. “Think of it as our version of yoga or meditation. It’s for both peace of mind and endorphin rush.”

Indeed, she said the activity was great for her well-being.

“Swimming once in the morning improves blood circulation and makes you feel better. Then swimming again at night helps relieve stress. After that, you can sleep well.”

Makinen usually spends somewhere in the water between 30 seconds and 6 minutes. Occasionally she goes swimming for up to 12 minutes.

“For me too, I’ll shorten it when it’s too cold. When the temperature drops below -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit), I need to be careful not to get frostbite.”

Elina Makinen

“I like shivering,” Makinen told insiders.Elina Makinen

She pledges its health benefits.

“During the winter, I never get sick. When I take a two-week break from ice swimming, I only get the flu after the winter season,” she said.

As much as she advertises the benefits of ice swimming, Makinen immediately warns that the activity is not for everyone.

It is dangerous to swim in such cold water For some people, and rarely, it can cause tetany, a condition in which the heart freezes and stops.

“You definitely need to know yourself and your body. It’s good for me to quiver a little. Others like to sweat when they exercise. I I like shivering. “

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