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Singapore will close the school.US Lows Nearly 11 Months: Virus Updates

(Bloomberg)-The obligation to vaccinate Covid-19 in the United States is set at the local level by companies and institutions such as universities, said the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The weekly average of new virus cases in the United States has fallen to its lowest level since June. United Food and Commercial Workers, a union representing more than one million food and retail employees, said last week on the CDC. He criticized the guidance and said that fully vaccinated people are almost always possible. Singapore plans to close public schools this week and move to home-based learning. This is because the city’s efforts to tackle the pandemic have seen a surge in unlinked cases as the biggest challenge since last year. Key developments: Global Tracker: Casepass 162.6 million; Deaths Over 3.37 million Vaccine Tracker: More than 1.45 billion doses of small town reporter massacre of coronavirus in India Click here for daily updates on the virus from Bloomberg’s prognosis team, which apparently changed the CDC’s big mask change from science to a secret surprise. Click on the terminal’s CVID for global data on incidents and deaths. Frontline Trade Unions Criticize the CDC (3:14 pm NY) United Food and Commercial Workers, a union representing more than one million food and retail employees, praised the Governor of New Jersey. Jersey and Hawaii maintain stricter indoor mask rules. The union criticized guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week, saying that most fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Hawaii Governor David Ige said, “We are doing the right thing by maintaining these life-saving mask obligations.” The plant died in Covid-19, infecting more than 93,000 people. California fatalities doubled (2:25 pm NY) California fatalities doubled from 27 the day before to 55, with deaths declining to 0.1 for every 100,000. I will. State 7-day average. The positive test rate dropped to just 1%, the Health Department website said. The state reported 1,370 Covid-19 cases yesterday, down from the previous day at a rate of 3.3 new cases per 100,000. California has given a total of over 34.4 million vaccines. Singapore faces vaccine delays (2 pm New York) Singapore is considering a second shot delay, which could delay vaccine delivery in the coming months. Prime Minister’s wife Hochin Lee Hsien Loong quoted the shortfall in a Facebook post on Sunday. “Yes, our vaccine delivery is late this month, perhaps the next 1-2 months,” said Ho, a retired CEO of Singapore’s state-owned investor Temasek Holdings. Turn off the second shot to give more people at least one vaccination. “Many international studies have shown that a single vaccination provides good protection without compromising effectiveness,” said Ong. “Our scientists have been studying this.” Italy’s Daily Deathdrop (12:46 pm, New York) Italy recorded 93 deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday. This is the lowest number since late October. The new infection was 5,753, close to the 7-month low registered last week. Italy is accelerating its vaccination campaign to more than 500,000 shots per day, and infectious diseases continue to decline as economic and social life restrictions are relaxed. CDC Avoids Federal Vaccine Obligations (12:25 pm NY) Requesting people to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is set at the local level by companies and institutions such as universities, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Said the person in charge of. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in NBC’s “Meet the Press”: “It will be local, not federal.” Separately, on Fox News Sunday, Warensky cites a university that could impose vaccination obligations on students and cruises. The shipping industry said Warrensky a few days after the CDC announced that it was clear that Covid-19 vaccinated Americans would most likely drop their face masks in public. 20 Million People Fully Vaccinated in the UK (12:16 pm NY) Over 20 Governments On Sunday, 1 Million People, 38% of the UK’s Adult Population, Received Full Coronavirus Vaccination Said that there is. Over 36.5 million people, or 69%, took a single dose. The UK will begin inoculating all people over the age of 35 this week to combat cases of highly contagious variants in India. The country reported an additional 1,926 cases and 4 deaths on Sunday. Both numbers have increased by about 9% in the last 7 days. Hong Kong tightens travel rules (10:55 AM NY) Hong Kong will tighten restrictions on arrivals from Taiwan and Singapore, reports South China Morning Post. Taiwan, Singapore and Japan are classified as high risk according to the city’s vaccine bubble travel arrangements. Unvaccinated travelers arriving from these locations must be quarantined at designated hotels for 21 days and presented with evidence of a negative test. Singapore Closes Schools (7:59 AM New York) All elementary and junior high school, junior college and Millenia Institute students will be sent to Singapore’s Ministry of Education on Sunday, May 19-28, until the end of the semester Announced a complete home study. Preschool and student care centers remain open to support parents who have to work. A new attack hits the Irish medical system (8:07 am NY) The Irish Ministry of Health was hit by a cyberattack similar to ransomware last week. Irish Health Service Executive RTE News said on Sunday. Reservation and testing of Covid-19 vaccination is underway, but there may be some delay in regaining results, HSE said. Contact tracing is also working, but it may take longer than usual. Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg show that, at the lowest level since late June last year, an additional 480 people have died of Covid-19-related illnesses. This is compared to the peak of more than 5,000 deaths a day in January and February. Amazon sends more oxygen to India (7:33 am NY) Inc. And Indian renewable energy company Greenko Group are increasing the supply of oxygen concentrators to the country. .. A US company “is working with sellers in the market to help bring in about 9,000 oxygen concentrators for Indian customers,” he wrote in a blog on Saturday. He said the first batch of 1,000 oxygen concentrators had landed and became available for purchase, with the rest scheduled for late May. Turkey relaxes curfew (New York 6:51 am) Turkey relaxes curfew from Monday as a new case The curfew has declined after a three-week blockade, hoping for a summer tourist season You can glimpse it. Saturday’s infection plummeted from a record high of 63,082 a month ago to 11,472, but still does not exceed the target of 5,000. According to a law of the Ministry of Interior on Sunday, the case was set when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the blockade of the country from April 29. Most travel restrictions will be lifted, but the curfew will remain and the restaurant will only be open for food delivery. .. Germany’s infection rate continues to decline (6 am in New York) Germany’s infection rate is even below key levels, and pandemic restrictions may be relaxed. The infection dropped to 83.1. Per 100,000 people in the last 7 days, according to the RKI Institute for Public Health. Friday’s incidence is below 100, and local governments can begin lifting restrictions if they fall below that level for five consecutive business days. Taiwan’s local incident set a record (5:38 pm HK) Taiwan recorded 206 new local incidents on Sunday. After adding 180 infections the day before. According to a large study in Italy, the country is competing to contain the worst outbreak of the coronavirus while avoiding a complete blockade. National Institute of Health. Infections, hospitalizations and deaths were all significantly reduced approximately 14 days after the first shot. After 35 days, infections were 80% less, hospitalizations 90% lower, and deaths 95% less than those who received nothing. More than 7 million Italians who received at least one vaccination between December 27 and December 27 were surveyed on April 4. Two-thirds received the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine and 29% received a shot of AstraZeneca Plc. Cyclone heads to India (3:15 pm HK) Cyclone will hit the west coast of India. And Port-Authorities are already working on a deadly second virus wave and are preparing to evacuate citizens. The cyclone Taukte, now about 500 km (310 miles) from Mumbai’s financial hub, is expected to land on Tuesday morning. According to the India Meteorological Department, wind speeds reach 175 kilometers per hour in the southern part of Gujarat. A national weather forecaster said in a tweet on Sunday that it had intensified into a “very serious cyclone storm.” Mumbai’s municipality has already moved hundreds of Covid-19 patients to other facilities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi told senior government officials to ensure “maintaining all important services such as electricity, telecommunications, health and drinking water,” according to a May 15 statement from the Press and Information Agency. India reported 311,170 new infections on Sunday, continuing the downturn seen in the past few days, with cases likely peaking after a deadly second wave that overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums. It supports the expectation of having sex. According to the Ministry of Health of India, the total number of cases exceeded 24.6 million. More than 182 million doses of vaccine have been given. Although the number of cases per day is declining, the number of casualties in Asian countries has increased by 4,077, for a total of 270,284. Dynic Basker, a popular Hindi newspaper in the crowded center of northern India, instigated 30 reporters along the banks of the Ganges. Uttar Pradesh. They found and photographed more than 2,000 corpses over approximately 1,140 kilometers (708 miles). The state government claims that only about 300 people die each day. Their findings are rigorous reading. Authorities have piled up silt on more than 350 bodies lying in the shallow tombs of Kannauj, reporters say. They see dogs biting on some of the 400 corpses just a short distance from the crematorium in Kanpur. Singapore counts 52 corpses floating down the Gazipur river and often crosses state borders. According to Education Minister Chan Chun Sing, the state. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health are planning “immunization of our students,” Chan wrote on his Facebook page. “Once approved for use, we will deploy vaccinations to people under the age of 16.” For articles like this, visit Subscribe now to get the most trusted business news sources. © 2021 Bloomberg LP