Meghan Markle was able to safely travel to Prince Phillip’s funeral despite pregnancy and a pandemic

Prince Harry Megan Markle

Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Phil Noble / Pool / Getty Images

  • It is unclear whether Megan Markle will travel to London for Prince Phillip’s funeral.

  • Markle is pregnant and has a deadline this summer. In short, more consideration is needed for air travel.

  • Flying during a pandemic carries risks, especially if not vaccinated.

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Prince Harry I’m reportedly planning a trip To the next UK Death of Prince PhillipHowever, it is unclear if Megan Markle will join him.

Markle is pregnant with the couple’s second child, a girl, and is scheduled for this summer. It is unknown if she has been vaccinated and when her exact date will be.

Dr. Makeba WilliamsOB-GYN of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and School of Public Health said insider flight during pregnancy was generally safe 36 weeks ago, but there are additional precautions during the pandemic, especially if not vaccinated. is necessary.

“It’s a shame we have to talk [flying while pregnant] “In the context of death,” she said, “but it has to do with many people.”

She added that pregnancy is a time to encourage people to think about seeing their families, and as more people get vaccinated, they will be able to travel more safely than this time last year. “I feel hope,” she said.

Airlines usually do not allow you to fly if you are 36 weeks pregnant or older.

Occasional flights during pregnancy are generally safe in the absence of pregnancy-related or other health problems that endanger flight. American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology says..

Nevertheless, pregnant people need to take some additional precautions to manage their potential risks. First, it is important for pregnant travelers to stand, walk around, and exercise their legs like an ankle circle to improve circulation, as both pregnancy and air travel increase the risk of blood clots. is. Compression socks are also useful.

Flying also means that you can hit patches of intense eddy that can be dangerous to a developing foetation. Therefore, ACOG emphasizes that pregnant passengers wear seat belts while seated.

Williams also recommends hydration and avoiding salty foods that can lead to water retention.

Also, most airlines do not allow you to board an airplane if you are 36 weeks pregnant or older. Rationale: “That’s the point where labor can occur more often, and no one needs to ground the plane as you get into labor,” Williams said.

Pandemics complicate flight decisions

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention People who are not completely vaccinated discourage travelBy doing so, you are more likely to obtain and disseminate COVID-19.

However, as in funerals, unvaccinated people should be tested 1-3 days before flight if necessary. Wear a mask to maintain social distance and maintain hand hygiene. According to the CDC, they will take precautions such as being quarantined and inspected when they return home. All of that advice also applies to unvaccinated pregnant people, Williams said.

If you are vaccinated, the CDC says you can Travel safelyHowever, you still need to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and wash your hands frequently.If you are, that won’t change either Pregnant and vaccinated -A decision that depends on you and your healthcare provider, Williams said.

Clinical trials are underway to test the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy, but previous studies have shown that Safe and beneficial for pregnant people and their future children.. “Vaccines provide that additional level of safety,” Williams said, but patients “should be counseled on risks and benefits.”

There are also practical considerations if you are flying during a pregnant pandemic. Is it possible to get stuck at a destination and give birth there? How do destination quarantine requirements affect your ability to receive care? What is the case rate at your destination?

If you become infected with COVID-19 during pregnancy, Increased risk of death from complications and illnessAlthough the overall risk is low.

“Now that infections from these variants are on the rise, we have to be a little careful,” Williams said. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t or couldn’t fly during pregnancy. I think we’ll take all reasonable precautions to protect you and your foetation.”

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