Meghan McCain burned for a very bad take on the fire of the Fox News Christmas tree

Meghan McCain I got a reality check on Wednesday after blasting a not-so-hot take about Fox News’ Christmas tree Burned..

“I don’t want to hear anything about how radical Republicans believe they are when fanatics run around New York City and set fire to the Fox News Christmas tree,” conservative experts said. wrote.

Fox News guards saw a conservative network climbing what they call the “All-American Christmas Tree” outside Manhattan’s New Scope Building headquarters after midnight, according to the New York City Police Department.

A 49-year-old man who said the police were homeless Arrested on suspicion Includes criminal mischief, arson and trespassing.

McCain deleted the tweet on Wednesday. Critics said the alleged arson of a tree seems to be confused with Republican extremism. Post an animated video depicting yourself slashing a Democrat And another Suggests that her Muslim colleague is a suicide bomber..

After deleting the original tweet, McCain later wrote the entire column about the incident. Issued by the Daily Mail..

“Democrats can be aware of the rise in crime, but even Christmas trees don’t want to live in cities that need bodyguards,” he said.

McCain, who left the co-hosting gig earlier this year on The View, was known for her. A controversial, sometimes eye-opening take Talk show and online.

Below is a summary of some of her reactions to her tweets.

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