Meghan McCain’s departure from “The View” provokes a strong reaction. “Bye bye snow flakes”

Meghan McCain says he stopped it at “The View”, and some fans aren’t choking too much about it.

The show’s resident conservative, McCain, announced on Thursday that she would leave the daytime talk show four years later. Fox News’s Alum and the daughter of the late Senator John McCain joined co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joybeher, and Sunny Hostin in 2017.

McCain said the season would end until the end of July.

Rumors of McCain’s departure began to swirl early Thursday, and confirmations sent a shockwave across social media-mainly among those who criticized McCain’s actions at recent shows.

“”Don’t be surprisedA viewer wrote on Twitter. “But I’m happy with Whoopi & Joy. Those poor women had permanent nerve damage from all the eye rotations they did whenever Megan opened her mouth. . Bye bye snow flakes! “

“”it’s about time … “Written by another person.

Meanwhile, McCain fans were delighted that she was finally saying goodbye to “The View.” Dress in such negativity And those scary, mean, mean women every day? “

McCain is known for his conservative approach to hotbutton politics such as gun control and abortion, and has a share of the on-air explosion with his left-wing co-host. Last month, President Joe Biden’s discussion of the treatment of CNN journalists was as follows: A screaming match between McCain and Goldberg.

In January, a conservative co-organizer announced the newly elected U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) on packing the Supreme Court following a historic victory in the Georgia Senate final vote. Faced criticism for trying to grill. A Frowning McCain screenshot In the smile of her co-host when they interviewed Warnock, she quickly became a social media meme.

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