Megyn Kelly accuses people of “lying” and “f *** ers” about the origin of COVID-19

Political critic Megyn Kelly pinned people “lying” and “f *** ers”. coronavirus..

In addition to ChinaShe criticized the Biden administration and President Peter Dazak of the Eco-Health Alliance for the millions of deaths from the pandemic. Zoologist Dazak collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology Reportedly We have allocated a US Government grant to a facility that conducts gain-of-function research.

“The children have died. Forgive me, but these people have been lying to us long enough. We need to know the truth.” Kelly Said on Wednesday. “We need to know. Millions of people are dead.”

Megyn Kelly states that the media portrayed a parliamentary riot.

“Peter Daszak is allowed to escape his lies. The Biden administration has a different view. The information is there-if we just push it forward and demand it,” she said.・ Said at the Kelly Show. “There is no guarantee that this will never happen again. That’s annoying to me.”

Kelly added that China has the United States by “what you know.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also criticized Dazak’s ties to Chinese laboratories.

“Peter Daszak was involved in funding from the EcoHealth Alliance,” he said. Said Fox News Wednesday. “It was a group within the Wuhan Virology Institute that was almost certainly involved in research related to the acquisition of the function of exactly that type of virus that we saw escaping from the laboratory.”

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Pompeo added, “Peter Daszak asked how this happened, why the US taxpayer’s dollar was used for this, and ultimately what the Chinese Communist Party did to the world. I have a lot of questions explaining that I need to be held accountable. “

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