Melania Trump joins other first ladies like Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton to promote women’s suffrage memorial

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Melania Trump addresses the Republican National Convention on August 25, 2020.Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Former first lady Melania Trump joins other first ladies to promote women’s suffrage memorial.

  • She tweeted that she was “honored” to help secure a monument “of lasting inspiration” for women.

  • There are currently no women in American history commemorated on the National Mall.

Melania Trump joins First Lady Jill Biden and all other living former first ladies in promoting efforts to build a memorial in Washington, D.C. dedicated to the early American women’s equality movement .

and Tweet In response to gratitude and criticism, Trump on Wednesday announced the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation as honorary president to help secure a memorial on the National Mall that “will provide a lasting inspiration to women and future female leaders.” He wrote that he was “honoured” to join the

It’s worth noting that Trump joins former first lady for the cause after her husband ex-president Donald Trump evaded Cooperate with all living former presidents In a public service announcement for COVID vaccination.

Her tweet came on the same day as hers Husband is going to be exiled In 2019, a defamation case by magazine writer E. Gene Carroll said the former president raped her in a locker room nearly 30 years ago.

Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation announced Honorary Speakers on Monday include Biden, Trump, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rosalyn Carter.

The mission of the Foundation is enforce the law, signed by Trump to erect the memorial. No woman in American history is currently commemorated on the National Mall, and less than 5% of her statues in the capital depict a woman.

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument is scheduled to open in the summer of 2027, according to the foundation.

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