Mensah-Women’s Freestyle Gold Stock Cap Debut


Chiba, Japan — World Champion Tamira Marianastock finished her Olympic debut on Tuesday with a women’s freestyle light heavyweight gold medal, becoming the second women’s champion from the United States.

Mensah-Stock defeated Nigerian veteran Blessing Oborududu 4-1 in the final to finish a spectacular run in Tokyo.

The 28-year-old American overwhelmed Rio 2016 champion Sara Dosho of Japan and Ukraine’s 2018 world champion Alla Cherkasova for the final and passed the toughest test with 10 African champions Oboldudu. ..

“It feels great, I try not to cry,” Mencerstock told reporters. “I want to hide in the room, but people keep pushing me into place.

“It’s a dream come true. From the beginning I thought I could be an Olympic champion. I was scared, but I thought it was possible.”

Mensah-Stock first got on the scoreboard in the takedown when he spun behind the 32-year-old Obordudu. Oboldudu quickly turned around to 2-1.

Before stopping the Nigerians in the second period, the Americans made another takedown that went into a 4 to 1 break with a foot attack and wept when the buzzer sounded.

Rio 2016 Freestyle Bantamweight Champion Helen Maroulis is the only other American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling.

Cherkasova pinned Dosho to win the first bronze medal, and Meerim Zhumanazarova from Kyrgyzstan won another bronze medal.

Russian Olympic Commission World Champion Musae Froev defeated Armenian Defending Olympic Champion Arthur Alexanian in a men’s Greco-Roman heavyweight gold medal match.

Alexanian was exceptional in his parter defense because Evloev was unable to lift him off the mat, but the Armenians lost focus after the infringement and Evloev scored on a large suplex. I won 5-1.

Poland’s Tadeusz Koscarić and Iran’s Mohammadada di Sarabi won the bronze medal.

“Meaning everything”

Tamás Lőlinz had to win a silver medal at London 2012, but can’t stop Hungarians as Hungarians defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Akdzhol Makhmudov 2-1 in the Greek-Roman welterweight final on Tuesday. was.

Mahmudov weighed more than 77 kg and weighed 0.5 grams earlier in the day, but gained weight over time.

However, it was Lorinz who controlled the match to become the 17th Hungarian to win Greco-Roman Gold. Lorinz’s brother Victor will fight for middleweight Greco-Roman Gold on Wednesday.

“There’s a reason my brother and I are in the finals,” said Tamas, who was coached at an enthusiastic celebration after the buzzer.

“During the pandemic, we worked really hard. This means everything because this is my last Olympics.”

Rafigufuseinov of Azerbaijan defeated Armenian Karapetcharyan 4-1 with a bronze medal and won his first Olympic medal at the age of 33.

Japan’s Shohei Yabiku won another bronze medal with a 13-3 victory over Iran’s Mohamada Rigerai with a technical advantage.