Met police chief pledges to root out ‘corruption’, lay off hundreds

Sir Mark Rowley, the head of the London Metropolitan Police, has pledged to root out what he calls “corruption”. independent review Former Victims Commissioner Baroness Louise Casey.

In her interim report published Monday, Casey said: Not yet deleted. “

Laurie said sky news: “We are a little lazy, removing less than one a week, maybe 40 or 50 a year. Because of this, there must be hundreds of people within the organization that need to be removed, some of whom are unethical, unfit to be a police officer, and unfit to wear a uniform. And some of the things they do are often criminal.”

Casey was commissioned by former Met Commissioner Cressida Dick to investigate the murder of Sarah Everard by police officer Wayne Cousins. Bottles and stoppers, and other police officers.

After losing the trust of London Mayor Sadiq Khan after a string of scandals involving discriminatory messaging and allegations of sexual misconduct against police officers based at Charing Cross Police Station, Dick was 2. I resigned in May.

Last month, PC’s Jonathan Coban, 35, and former constable Joel Borders, 45, sent “grossly racist, sexist and misogynistic” messages to Westminster Magistrates Court. was found guilty of At trial, I heard that she shared inappropriate jokes about women and people with disabilities with Cousins.

Casey discovered that such cheating was brushed under the carpet by the Met under Laurie’s predecessor.

In her report Casey said: In fact, supervisors and managers actively discourage staff from reporting misconduct, thus institutionalizing mistrust of the system and using the misconduct system to set and maintain professional standards. I’ve heard that the MET’s abilities are compromised. “

She highlighted the case of one officer who faced 11 separate misconduct hearings on sexual harassment, assault, fraud, and other allegations. Although not all have been proven, she said he was still an officer in the military.

Casey’s report said there was a “weak” response from some of his colleagues to allegations of discrimination and misogyny by black, Asian and female police officers.

Casey: Report should be “Line in the Sand”

She told the BBC:

Lowry said in his review: People naturally expect us to maintain the highest standards. But our organization is undermined by corruption that has been allowed to proliferate unchallenged. “

he said: We need to fundamentally rethink how we work and instill values ​​in everything we do. “

Casey’s final report is expected to be published in spring 2023.

Chris Summers


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