Mexican practitioner omitted vaccine

Mexico City (AP) — Many Mexican practitioners, dentists, and healthcare professionals are protesting their exclusion from the government-run coronavirus vaccine program despite possible infections. ..

Private health workers protested by blocking the streets of Mexico City this week, but President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defended the vaccination program on Friday and people over the age of 60 to prevent death. He said he needed to focus on.

As he often did in the past, Lopez Obrador attributed the protest to a “very twisted” campaign by the private media against him.

“Let them wait until we all get it,” Lopez Obrador said, referring to an age-based vaccination program that is currently focused on people over the age of 60. .. Take a shot. The president said shots of people between the ages of 50 and 60 should start this month.

The president also said the next step would be to vaccinate 3 million teachers in the country, regardless of whether they teach in public or private schools.

Big government supporter Lopez Obrador has consistently abandoned Mexico’s large-scale folk medical system for any role in its vaccine program. Although Mexico has many underfunded government health systems, most Mexicans who can afford it are looking to an extensive folk remedy network.

Frontline personnel in government medical facilities and some large private hospitals have been vaccinated for several months. However, doctors say there is a risk of infection during procedures and consultations in private clinics and dentists.

Mexico has more vaccines than many Latin American countries, with about 16 million vaccinations and about 10.6 million vaccines so far, second only to Brazil and Chile. ..

For the most part, vaccination campaigns reflect previous trends in the Lopez Obrador administration, including his irritation in the face of criticism.

The president has outsourced most of the vaccination logistics to the military. This is what he has done on most of his major projects since taking office in late 2018.

The president has so far supported having the government handle all vaccination efforts, even if private hospitals and drugstore chains are well-equipped and deployed to handle some vaccinations. Set aside the private sector.