Mexican President undergoes cardiac catheterization

Mexico City (AP) — Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has undergone a cardiac catheterization examination at a military hospital Friday afternoon, the government announced.

Secretary of the Interior Adan August Lopez Hernandez said in a statement that, based on routine examinations, doctors decided that the procedure needed to be carried out.

“In this procedure, they found that the president’s heart and arteries were healthy and functioning properly,” he said. “No other kind of intervention was needed.” According to the statement, Lopez Obrador will resume normal activities on Saturday.

Last Friday, presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez said the president had undergone regular inspections.

Lopez Obrador is back this week after being quarantined for the second COVID-19 infection in a year.

The 68-year-old president had a heart attack in 2013 and suffered from high blood pressure.