Mexican State Police Relieve Local Power at Tulum Resort

Mexico City (AP) —State police announced on Sunday that they have taken over law enforcement duties in Tulum, a resort on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, to rescue the city forces charged with the death of a Salvador woman while in custody. Did.

Lucio Hernández Gutiérrez, deputy chief of state police in Quintana Roo, said city officials in Tulum systematically violated proper procedures.

He said they would be sent for retraining, “due to continuous and intolerable use and abuse of restraint procedures, it was poorly applied, erroneously and inaccurate.” ..

He added that local police were guilty of “detaining people, violating legal norms, and lacking control of personal impulses in respecting human rights most.”

Tulum officers who did not pass the training course will be dismissed, Hernandez Gutierrez said.

In the case of Victoria Esperanza Salazar, who died on March 27 after a police woman was seen kneeling while three male police officers were watching, four Tulum police officers were ordered to go to trial. It was. She was reported to be upset in the store.

Quintana Roo prosecutor Oscar Montesdeoka said the autopsy showed that Salazar’s neck fracture was “consistent with the obedience operation applied to the victim during detention” and that police used “disproportionate” force. Said.

In another incident last week, another officer was filmed beating a handcuffed man.

The scene is reminiscent of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in 2020. Floyd was declared dead after a white policeman pressed his knee against a black man’s neck for about nine minutes and then held his position after Floyd dragged his leg.

Unlike Cancun, Tulum’s reputation as a laid-back, laid-back beach resort has recently been undermined by land conflicts, gangster activity and increased development.

Salazar’s death heightened tensions in Quintana Roo, and police used live ammunition in November to ward off a flock of about 100 demonstrators in Cancun.

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